Television: Find out what happened to the children of Flor Contemplacion on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Life after the Death of Flor Contemplacion"

1995. No one had any inkling that a murder in Singapore would have so much impact on the Philippines. Delia Maga, a Filipino domestic helper was found killed and fellow OFW Flor Contemplacion was being pointed to as the murderer, and was put on trial. A trial that everyone in the Philippines followed.

Later on, evidence and circumstances painted a hazy picture of the possibility that Flor Contemplacion was innocent. But by then, it was too late. Flor Contemplacion was sentenced to death. And although the Filipinos were saddened by what happened, it did not stop the local film industry from milking the event for what it’s worth. And thus, Flor Contemplacion lived on.

But what happened after the OFW died? What happened to the family she left behind? The name Contemplacion never left the papers, and every so often an update would be given about the whereabouts and the crimes of Flor’s surviving relatives. And tonight on Magpakailanman, the program sets out to tell a story that began with a well-publicized death–and ends with a new hope.

Join Mel Tiangco as she talks to Flor’s daughter Russel Contemplacion, and find out the real events of what was going on in her family as the media thrust them into the spotlight.

ASEAN Film Festival best actress Alessandra De Rossi headlines the cast as Russel Contemplacion, with Gerald Madrid, Roy Alvarez, and Chariz Solomon, in tonight’s Magpakailanman, airing after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.


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