Book: A Calm Before Storm #4

"A Calm Before Storm #4"

Retired private investigator Derrick Storm was enjoying the easy life–until he fished up a decapitated head belonging to a victim of notorious criminal The Fear. When Derrick’s father, Carl, revealed that The Fear was also the man who killed Derrick’s mother, the game changed.

Following a lead, Derrick adn Carl set up a meeting at the Russian Embassy–only to interrupt The Fear in the midst of an assassination attempt on the ambassador. In doing so, Derrick and Carl were framed for the hit. Derrick’s CIA contact, Helen Pierce, managed to clear their names, only to shut them down, taking away their passports, weapons, and Derrick’s P.I. identification.

That wouldn’t stop the Sotmr men, though. Discovering that The Fear’s long game is to destabilize the Russian and German governments causing a potential world war, Derrick realized he had to reach out to the only contact he has left–Clara Strike, a CIA agent considered dead to the world–and the woman who crushed Derrick’s heart.

I am very tempted to say I liked the issue just because I feel like I’ve become too hard to please lately. My recent posts have all been a bit negative. But who would I be kidding? I can’t lie to save my life. Even in text form.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t hate this issue–I just didn’t like it. Very much. And my main gripe is this: nothing happened. At all.

We have Derrick, his dad, and his lover parachute to Russia. They ride a train where Derrick gets ambushed, but they don’t really learn anything they didn’t know before. And then they spend the rest of the issue beating up an old man for the whereabouts of The Fear. As soon as they leave, The Fear is revealed to be in the room they just departed all along.

Talk about an exercise in futility!

I don’t know how long this mini-series is supposed to go, but if they’re already resorting to filler issues like this, maybe it’s time to cut down the number of issue orders and just focus on telling the mystery straightforwardly. Or maybe branch out with a subplot featuring the CIA investigation of The Fear.

Either way, I’m hoping next issue would have a more substantial content.


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