Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #7

"Superior Spider-Man 007"

Otto Octavius is a man who cheated death, but at a price. When he exchanged bodies with Peter Parker, he gained the amazing skills of Spider-Man–and all of Peter’s memories. Otto finally undestands Peter’s mission of great responsibility.

But a tiny piece of Peter Parker is still there in the Superior Spider-Man’s brain, watching Otto live out his life and trying to keep the reformed villain in check.

Jester and Screwball humiliated Mayor Jameson and he requested Spider-Man to take them out. Spider-Man apprehended them. Brutally.

With another violent takedown under his belt, Spider-Man garnered the attention of the Avengers, now questioning his behavior, and they decided to bring him in.

Now, let’s see if I have this correctly…

Spider-Man has already had two violent take downs: the killing of Massacre, and the brutal apprehension of Jester and Screwball. The Avengers already decided to bring him in. So why did we have to have the Spider-Man versus Cardiac subplot before they actually did bring him in?

Don’t get me wrong. I see more plot movement in this issue compared to the last issue which had more character development. I see that both are important. But, at the same time, I am left wondering–why couldn’t both have happened at the same time. And if it really needed to happen this way–couldn’t the writers have delayed the Avengers decision to bring Spidery in until this issue?

I was actually toying with the idea that maybe the Avengers could’ve brought in Spidey at the start of the issue. And then I realized just how many panels this issue gave them with nothing happening other than talking. That would’ve been very boring. The Spider-Man versus Cardiac thing does provide the much-needed action in an otherwise very talk-y issue. Except, I’m still not completely sold with it.

Had I been writing the script, here’s what I would’ve done differently.

Issue #6 would’ve had the Avengers taking note of Spidey’s murder of Massacre. But the person to actually notice the violent changes in our friendly neighborhood superhero, and the one piecing things together, would be Carlie Cooper. Then when the Superior Spider-Man apprehends Jester and Screwball, that’s when the Avengers start getting concerned–because these are harmless pranksters, unlike Massacre. And that’s when they decide to keep watching him–

And that’s where we lead off into this issue with Cardiac.

Obviously, I’m really curious as to what the writers have done to Carlie. After the take down of Vulture where Carlie reacted to the new Spider-Man, we seem to have lost her. So I ask the writers–where is Carlie Cooper? I don’t even care that we don’t see Mary Jane and Aunt May. At least they have some sort of closure. It’s Carlie with her theories and suspicions that I’m really curious about.

Well–that, and Peter’s strange hold over his own body.

This issue, Peter is able to wrestle control of his body from Otto a few times. The last time we saw this was… well, I don’t actually remember anymore. There was that one time in the first issue, and then Peter seems to have lost the power. So what changed now that he’s able to wrestle control again?

I hope they answer that next issue. But I’m not holding my breath.


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