Television: A woman fights for the sanctity of marriage in ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Sex for Sale"

Norma Diwa is just one of many Filipinos who have become used to life being unfair–especially with a philandering husband who keeps promising to change for her.

When her husband is sent to jail for a crime he did not commit, Norma decided to focus on the silver-lining: that in jail, her husband won’t be able to be with other women. And then, maybe, he would stop being a womanizer. Although life has become harder for her, becoming the sole bread-winner of the family, Norma soldiered through.

But during one visit to her husband, Norma finds out that not all is well behind the prison bars. Barely legal girls in skimpy outfits appear to “visit” relatives inside. Norma investigates and finds out who the girls really are–prostitutes who give pleasure to inmates!

Although her husband promises that he has not partaken in any extramarital affairs since being imprisoned, Norma can’t help but be wary. And as finances becomes tighter, after she gets diagnosed with cancer, Norma realizes that it’s time to make a stand.

It’s a do or die battle this Saturday on Magpakailanman, when Norma Diwa takes up in arms (figuratively) against the sex workers and the prison wardens to protect the sanctity of marriage–and to right the wrongs inside the prison.

Magpakailanman airs tonight after Vampire ang Daddy Ko with “Sex For Sale: Norma Diwa versus the Bataan Sex Workers” starring Agot Isidro, Ramon Christopher, Carlene Aguilar, Bubbles Paraiso, and John Edric Ulang. The episode was written by Vienuel Ello, and directed by Dominic Zapata.


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