Book: Interim Goddess of Love, Book 1

"Interim Goddess of Love #1"

When Hannah is asked to take the place of the goddess of love, she agrees because it was assigned to her by the love of her life–who just so happens to be the very gorgeous sun god. Though she does havea knack for listening to people’s hearttaches, she’s totally new at it and can’t understand how she can help bring love into people’s lives when she can’t even get one particular boy to pay attention to her. Will Hannah ever survive this goddess gig? Or will she end up heartbroken as well?

I don’t know what I expected from a book this thin.

You might probably be able to hazard a guess on what I think about the book. But just to make it crystal:

I think the characters are underdeveloped. There’s always that risk, no matter the length of the book. I mean, just look at Jude Deveraux’s Stranger in the Moonlight. But when you pepper your story with more characters than you actually need, you’re sacrificing pages that should have gone to developing the characters you need developed instead.

I wish Hannah had more personality. And while I must admit that the whining part maybe necessary, I think the author could have cut it down some. I wish we could have developed the Quin-Hannah-Robbie triangle more, with the Jake-Kathy subplot pushing the story along–

But these are just wishes. The book is already out, there’s no taking it back.

In Interim Goddess of Love, Summit Books and author Mina V. Esguerra seem to be riding the wave of paranormal romance. And while I can’t say it’s bad, because it isn’t, I just wish there was more effort in making it original.

The characters are humanized gods and goddesses based on Tagalog mythology. Notice how I didn’t say Filipino? Aside from the fact that there really is no Filipino mythology, as each group of the ethnic tribes believed different sets of deities (diwatas) depending on their location, experience, and exposure to other cultures. Digression aside, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that the deities were based on Tagalog mythology. They read too much like Greek gods and goddesses: with the sun god being a romanticized version of Zeus, the sea god being very much like the non-calm version of Poseidon (so, no, not the Percy Jackson version), and the moon goddess being more like the cold Artemis.

And then there’s Hannah, our interim goddess of love who reads more like a teenaged Aphrodite.

I wouldn’t have any issues with this, actually, had the book just said that they’re Filipino versions of well-known gods and goddesses. But the book was very specific in that they were based off Tagalog mythologies. They didn’t read or feel Tagalog.

The straight-English medium of (most of) the book didn’t help either.

Overall, I salute the author for making an attempt to make a Tagalog-based paranormal romance. But I have to think really hard if I want to pick up the sequel. As it is, the world created so far isn’t very interesting–and the characters, aside from Diego’s contradiction of a character, are mostly forgettable.

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