Television: A Gay Dad’s life story is featured this Saturday on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: Ang Tatay Kong Beki"

This Saturday on Magpakailanman, a gay man faces the limitations of his sexuality–when the mother of his adopted son threatens to take his only source of happiness away.

In the Ruben Marasigan story, Keempee de Leon portrays the life of a homosexual whose only joy stems from having adopted and raised a son all on his own. But when his son, tired from bullying at school, asks him if he could meet his mother–the one who bore him–Ruben does his best to comply to his son’s wishes.

What he didn’t know was that by inviting his son’s mother into his life, he will be opening his doors to two parasites.

His family and friends tell him to cut ties, but because of his love for his adopted son, Ruben looks past the hurt that his son’s mother inflicts.

But when he finds out that his son is being physically abused by his mother and her lover, Ruben realizes that he might have a mistake in introducing them to each other.

Will he able to take back his son from his real mother? Or will the mother’s threat to take her son away come to fruition?

Find out tonight on Magpakailanman, after Vampire ang Daddy Ko.


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