Book: Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack

"Everything I Need To Know About Love I Learned From Papa Jack"

“Love is unpredictable.”

Even if you’ve fallen in love a million times, you can’t claim, “Alam ko na ‘yan!” And that’s because “Ang pag-ibig kapag sineryoso, nakakabobo.”

It’s really complicated, but you have to remember, “Sa isang relasyon dapat masaya ka, hindi ka stressed, hindi ka pressured.”

Because “Love is such a wonderful feeling!”

And to those who have not experienced what it is like to be loved, don’t worry, “Lahat ng kaldero, may nakalaang takip.”

365 quotes: Read one love quote a day to keep the love troubles away.

You have to be a fan of Papa Jack to like his words of wisdom. That’s what I got after reading the compilation of his more memorable quotes from his radio show. Yes, that’s what this book is: a compilation. And some of his quotes are funny–until you start relating to them, that is.

Unlike Summit Books’ other compilation release: The Morning Rush Top 10 books, this one isn’t aiming for the funny. And having read the book, I think its target market is pretty small: Papa Jack’s cult following. No, I don’t mean cult like a religious sect–but, a very vocal and very loyal group of fans. He has a lot. Apparently. Enough to warrant a book release anyway.

And while the book isn’t a waste of trees, it’s… Well, it’s just not for me.

During the book launch, Papa Jack said that his advice stems from common sense more than actual experience in love. I have common sense. And most of the stuff Papa Jack says on air are stuff I say in real life. Quotable quotes? Not really. Not without proper context anyway.

The book with the very long title is an interesting read–the first time around. But unlike The Morning Rush books, this one doesn’t call for repeats. And it’s not the first thing you’d think of to recommend to friends either.

It’s just a collection. With a very interesting price, at PhP 143.

Check out what other people have to say about the book over at Good Reads, and in Tagalog, at Kwatro Khanto.


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