Book: The Dragon Factory

"The Dragon Factory"

The beautiful but twisted Jakoby Twins are creating transgenic monsters and genetically-enhanced mercenaries for sale to the highest bidder. In addition, their father is using cutting-edge science to complete the Nazi Master Race Programme. Joe Ledger has to elude the National Security Agency who are gunning for him, fight his way past rogue Spetsnaz teams and stop these madmen before the Extinction Clock runs out.

And when the bloodbath claims one of his own, Joe Ledger declares total war on those people who would burn down the world in order to reshape it in their own dark image.

Okay. So, number one, that synopsis has a spoiler. But since I did not read the synopsis prior to starting the book, I wasn’t spoiled. Unfortunately, by the time things actually start moving in the story, you can already see who is going to bite the bullet. Which wasn’t fun.

To be completely honest, I did not enjoy reading The Dragon Factory. It was too long, too many things were happening, and when the action actually starts, you only have a few pages left to wrap things up. Considering that I was keeping my expectations low after being slightly disappointed by Patient Zero, I must say that not enjoying this book saddens me.

And I go back to the Rot & Ruin series. I don’t understand how the author who wrote those books, full of emotions and anguish and drama readers can relate to–could also be responsible for the Joe Ledger books that are too technical.

I mean, sure, the Joe Ledger books (the two I’ve read so far, anyway) have the right amount of drama in it. But because there’s way too much about the fighting skills of our titular character, and because there’s way too many characters who each have their own agenda, it drowns out the actual plot movements and the character developments.

The Dragon Factory feels like a short story that has encyclopedic explanations for everything that happens. Which makes it not such a light read, which makes it hard to find it fun.

I’m sure there are people who enjoyed reading The Dragon Factory. And I’m just as sure that I’m not one of them. But like with everything else in life, don’t judge something based off one person’s opinions. Let’s see what other people have said about the book:
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