Television: The Alden Richards Story on ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman: The Alden Richards Story"

This Saturday on Magpakailanman, Alden Richards shares the story behind his decision to go into show business–and the woman who he dedicates all his work to: his mother.

As a kid, Alden’s mom has already seen in him the potential of becoming a star. And for years, she cultivated in her son the desire to perform, leading him to join theater groups in school and to participate in pageants where he can get recognized by potential managers. And although Alden’s heart lies in continuing his studies, he humored his mother as best as he can.

But when Alden’s mom gets sick, her dreams for Alden takes the backseat to her health problems. And as she deteriorates, Alden makes a deal with her: he tells her that he will become an actor, and he wants her to still be alive when it happens.

Follow Alden’s trials as he dives into the entertainment industry–and find out if he was able to fulfill his promise to his mother before she passed away–this Saturday on Magpakailanman, after the premiere telecast of Vampire ang Daddy Ko. The episode features Alden Richards as himself, with Mark Gil and Jackielou Blanco portraying the role of his parents; directed by Gina Alajar.


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