Exclusive: Teejay Marquez for ‘Pagari’

"Teejay Marquez for Pagari"

Apologies for not having a Filipino Friday post last week. I wasn’t able to take a break *wink* from work. That said, here I am now with what I was supposed to upload last week: an exclusive interview with tween actor Teejay Marquez about his upcoming independent release, Pagari.

What is there to be said about Pagari? I’ll let Teejay fill you in on that one. So here we go: video time!

Much thanks to Teejay for the time (and the patience). My DSLR wasn’t cooperating well that day, and we had to do a lot of do overs and take twos during the interview–as you can probably tell from while watching the interview. Much thanks too to my friend Ceres who was my camera person for the day!

And before I completely end this post, I have a question to ask you: what should I improve on for my next interview/video feature?


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