Book: A Calm Before Storm #3

"A Calm Before Storm #3"

Private investigator Derrick Storm was enjoying the easy life until he fished up the decapitated head belonging to a victim of notorious criminal The Fear. This man also killed Derrick’s mother.

In the hopes of avoiding an international crisis and to enact their revenge, Derrick and his father, Carl, have teamed up to take down The Fear. Calling in a favor with famed private investigator Jake Palace, Derrick arrived at the Russian embassy–just in time to interrupt The Fear assassinating Russian diplomats and framing Derrick for it.

Why is this story taking so long? Or is it because the series just comes out once a week? I’m starting to understand why I’ve never become that big of a comics fan when I was a kid. I like my stories fast–when it comes to releases.

That said, I do like that Derrick Storm is really becoming his own character. I mean, reading the previous Derrick Storm graphic novel and the previous issues, he does come off a bit like Rick Castle. But that’s not the case in this issue. Which is a good thing.

Also a good thing, the relationship he has with his father which is only getting explored now.

My only problem with this issue actually is the return of (spoiler alert) Clara Strike. Who, last I read, was killed. Apparently, in the graphic novel I still have yet to find, it was revealed that she was alive. And that she offered Castle a get-out-of-jail card of sorts. And this is where it gets tricky.

Castle, as a television series, can rely on a “previously on…” when they need viewers to remember something. But for most of the time the episodes stand alone. The Nikki Heat novels follow the same rule, in that they too stand alone from each other. For the most part. Both Castle the TV series and the Nikki Heat novels have a set of regular characters. The Derrick Storm comics don’t have that. Or, at the least, haven’t established that. So when Clara Strike suddenly makes a comeback, you’re taken with surprise. And when you haven’t read any of the previous stories (not issues), you think–is this a deus-ex-machina? Are the writers copping out?

I guess what I’m saying is, three issues in, I don’t think Derrick Storm is made for the serialized comic book format. The writing is okay, but the pacing is truly frustrating. And at the end of an issue, instead of anticipating the next one, I debate whether or not I should still buy it.

Once this mini-series is done, I hope Marvel sticks Derrick Storm back into the graphic novel format and keep it away from the serialized comics.


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