Event: A Book Launch for Papa Jack

"A Book Launch for Papa Jack"

Well it was just a matter of time before Papa Jack entered the publishing industry; and after the success of Chico, Delamar, and Gino’s The Morning Rush Top 10 compilation, it makes sense that another popular radio disc jockey would get his chance at releasing his own compilation.

Last Sunday, February 17, Summit Books invited a few press people and bloggers for an intimate launch with radio disc jockey Papa Jack. And from the point of view of someone covering the event, I liked this one better because it was more quiet than the last event I went to–which was the launch for The Morning Rush Top 10 Book 2.

The event itself was short, which was good. And as an inteview subject, Papa Jack was honest and to the point–which is how he is even in his radio show. But why waste time trying to describe how he was, when you can just watch him here–

After the Q&A, Papa Jack signed autographs for the present press people, and answered a few more questions in one-on-one interviews, before the event fully gave way to the fans who were early for their 2 p.m. autograph signing session.

And because I don’t like seeing good press releases go to waste, here’s the one Summit Book gave:

This month of hearts, Summit Books launched Papa Jack of 90.7 Love Radio’s new book, Everything I Learned About Love I Learned from Papa Jack, at Bestsellers in Robinsons Galleria. Last February 17, 2013, the Papa ng Bayan met with the press and his kabisyo fans to eagerly talk and answer questions about his book, and met each one to sign their copies.

With a compilation of 365 love quotations from his hit programs True Love Confessions and Wild Confessions, this book is definitely a must read for the entire year–one quote a day really keeps the heartache away! Everything I Learned About Love I Learned From Papa Jack will really teach you years worth of wisdom whether you are single, dating, in a relationship, “it’s complicated,” or heartbroken.

This book will take you on a journey as you ride with Papa Jack to 6 stopovers in the subject that is mostly-complicated, sometimes-“oh-so-sweet:” LOVE — from courtship, to healing that broken heart, to learning to love again. You will surely laugh and cry with the stories of the most memorable callers on Papa Jack’s radio program. This book will surely teach you to love better, not just to your significant other, but most importantly, to love yourself even more.

Everything I Learned About Love I Learned from Papa Jack is out now in bookstores everywhere, and costs a cool Php 143. And by cool, I mean figuratively. I love how a compilation of quotes about love costs Php 143. Points for Summit Books.

If you want to meet Papa Jack in the flesh, you can catch him on March 3 at SM Naga, on March 17 at SM Manila, and on April 7 at SM Gaisano Davao.

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