Book: Vince’s Life, The Wedding

"Vince's Life: The Wedding"

Vince thinks his life is over when he loses Cat–the girl who turned his life around after Andrea broke his heart. Then his friend Connie drops a bomb on him telling him she’s pregnant and that she wants him to come to her wedding in America–where Andrea is. His first love. Does this mean Vince and Andrea finally get another chance? Or does Vince land an ending that even he never expected?

I don’t know what plans Summit Books has for the series, but I’m really hoping that Vince’s Life as a series ends here. Because this book is perfect.

From the very first book of the series, there’s always a question of whether the events in the books are real. For the most part of Vince’s Life and Getting Over Andrea, I could suspend my disbelief. The Wedding, however, is a totally different story.

There’s a saying that truth is stranger than fiction. And I’d like to believe that for the last book in Vince’s Life. Because–who wouldn’t want a happy ending for characters you’ve gotten attached to? Especially if they’re supposedly real people. But… I don’t know. The book feels a little too clean for me. Of course, that could also be the work of a really great storyteller, and an amazing editor.

Whether or not Vince’s Life is true or not though, it doesn’t change the fact that the three books are very well-written and well-told. Heck, I’d go as far as say that it’s even better than any of the Nicholas Sparks novels I’ve read–save, maybe, for A Walk to Remember.

Whoever came up with the idea of Vince’s Life, the publication of the features to the collating for the book, has to be applauded. This series is literature we, as Filipinos, can be proud of.

I’m really glad that I decided to pick this series up.

And to Vince O. Teves, if you are a real person and the memories you shared with us aren’t fictional, I hope you’re leading a very happy life right now. And thank you.


2 thoughts on “Book: Vince’s Life, The Wedding

  1. The real Vince is really leading a very happy life now. He’s married and is the father of two baby boys. He’s currently writing a novel. Thank you for the lovely reviews on Vince’s Life and the warm wishes =D We wish you happiness, too!

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