Book: A Calm Before Storm #2

"A Calm Before Storm #2"

Derrick Storm was a successful private investigator who occasionally consulted with the C.I.A., but when the opportunity for a life of leisure presented itself, he took it. Ignoring the disapproval of his father, Carl Storm, Derrick sold his company to the famed private investigator, Jake Palace, and moved onto his yacht.

But someone has different plans for the Storm men. When a decapitated head shows up on Derricks’ yacht with the Hindu sign for ‘life’ carved on its cheek, his father, Carl reveals that the mark is the calling card of the notorious criminal, The Fear. When Derrick recommends they inform the C.I.A., Carl refuses. This is about revenge.

Carl Storm is out to find the man who killed his wife.

I must say, I really liked this issue of A Calm Before Storm. That said, nothing really happens. But the quips. And the action. It’s like one body of sequences lifted off a Castle episode. In comic form. Which, come to think of it, is also a bad thing.

Do we really want Castle in yet another media form? I mean, we already have the Nikki Heat novels that’s basically Castle in book form, and now we have the Derrick Storm graphic novels and comic books? Sure, Derrick doesn’t really have a Kate Beckett–but, he’s like a mixture of Kate and Castle! So they’re both still present–just in one person.

Which brings me to why I like the issue. With the introduction of Carl Storm, we get insight into Derrick’s history and character. And we take a step away from the similarities between him and Castle. Though, it does bring us a little closer to Beckett and her mom’s murder, there’s the added dynamic of a parent willing to spar verbally with his son. So it’s not completely the same.

I’m once again looking forward to the next issue of A Calm Before Storm. Hopefully, there will be new developments alongside the peek into Derrick’s back story by then.


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