Book: Vince’s Life, The Next Chapter – Getting Over Andrea

"Getting Over Andrea"

Here is the much-awaited sequel to Vince’s Life! After Andrea leaves for the US, Vince lands his first job in an award-winning ad agency. Nursing a broken heart, Vince doesn’t think he can meet anyone who can compare to his first love. Then he meets sexy, fun and vibrant Cat and life is wonderful again. Till Andrea says she’s coming home…

I have to wonder. How does the people in Vince’s life feel about him writing about them. This is very much like that subplot in Gossip Girl that… Hmm, this analogy’s not gonna work. I’ve forgotten that I don’t really watch Gossip Girl, and have no clue what happened to the subplot I was gonna mention–the one where Dan writes about the group and everyone starts hating him.

Anyway, previously on Vince’s Life: he had a charmed college life, he met and fell in love with Andrea, and then everything had to be over. Vince is heartbroken, and that’s where we pick off in the second book of Vince’s LifeGetting Over Andrea. And, spoiler alert, while he does get over Andrea, the book isn’t so much about the titular woman as it is about his life post college.

The second book in the series is as engaging as the first. Whoever Vince O. Teves really is, he is a great storyteller as much as he is a good writer. There’s a difference, trust me. Vince has a way of sharing his personal life that makes it seem like the reader and him are two good friends just catching up–instead of the reader being a creepy voyeur with an interest in the events of his life.

It’s like reading a very well-written blog, actually.

What I liked about the second book though is that it’s not completely romantic. It’s now infused with a healthy dose of office humor and realistic views on love. Which isn’t suprising, considering the fact that Vince has now grown up.

If asked what I don’t like about the book though, it’s the author’s obsession with Andrea. It’s bordering on him not letting go of the woman just for the sake of having something to write about. Which, I’m sure, isn’t true. But you can’t help feeling that maybe it is.

Because in this book, honestly, the stories about his office life is way more engaging than the ones that dealt with Andrea.

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