Book: Vince’s Life

"Vince's Life"

This is the book that chronicles real college life: making the grade, forming friendships that will last the rest of your lives, charting your guture, and falling in love possibly for the first time. For regular guy Vince O. Teves, every significant experience during the four years that would shape the rest of his life was worth remembering. This is his story.

I must say–I’m really impressed with the writing on this book. The author has a great handle on words that make reading his story, a very pleasant experience. And, unlike the clunker that is From This Day Forward, Vince’s Life has a good hold on where the story is going even though you know that there will be no actual ending.

Vince’s Life is a collection of magazine articles that chronicles the life of the author. It’s the first of three books, and this one takes place during the author’s college years–and his love story with Andrea.

What I really like about this book is that the author knows how to hold back information, and yet managing to give all the details the reader needs. The stories are uncluttered, and the love story is easy to follow. Some characters have a tendency to be underused, but I don’t think the author could’ve avoided that as these are recounts of actual events in his life.

If I’m not mistaken, Vince’s Life is one of Summit Books’s more popular releases. And once you read the book, it won’t be hard to figure out why.

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The repackaged Vince’s Life is out now in bookstores everywhere.

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