Book: The Superior Spider-Man, Issue #1

"Superior Spider-Man 001"

Otto Octavius, the villain known as Doctor Octopus, was dying. In order to cheat death, he used his skills as a mad scientist to swap minds with his greatest enemy, Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man.

However, the transfer gave Octavius more than just Spider-Man’s great powers, it gave him Parker’s experiences as well…including the lesson of great responsibility! Now Otto Octavius is beginning a new life as a hero–possibly the greatest hero of all–

When I heard that Peter Parker was dead, I was shocked. And then, confused. I thought Peter Parker had retired and had given his Spider-Man duties to an African-American kid? What happened? Still, I thought I’d just go to Wikipedia once enough time had passed to see what it was all about. It’s the world of comics, heroes are never dead forever.

And yet, I bought the first issue of The Superior Spider-Man.


Because Otto Octavius, my favorite Spider-Man villain, has decided to become the new Spider-Man. Crazy, right?

Now, before I dive into the first issue of The Superior Spider-Man, I must warn you: spoilers ahead.

The opening page was released online some weeks ago, and I was really intrigued at where the writers of this new story thread were taking this arc. I was intrigued. A villain deciding to take up the mantle of his greatest arch-enemy is definitely something to be curious about.

Unfortunately, the first issue doesn’t live up to its hype. Otto as Spider-Man is way too much of a jerk for me to even think about relating to him. The Otto in the first page is very much unlike the Otto in the rest of the issue. And while it’s understandable that the new Spider-Man isn’t as heroic as the original, it was still annoying how much of a jerk he was. Especially since he decides, on his own, to take up Peter Parker’s mantle as Spider-Man. No one forced this on him.

Reading through the issue, I was already making a decision to not buy the next issue. Waste of time and money, I thought. And then I reached the end. And for the first time, I was glad that superheroes never really die. Now, I plan on buying the next issues just to find out how exactly Peter takes back his body from Otto.

Oh, yeah–for the uninformed, Otto swapped bodies with Peter Parker before his body died. So who we’re seeing is Peter Parker, but he is actually Otto. Except at the end where we see Otto’s Peter Parker and the real Peter Parker side-by-side.

I must say, I was really happy to see the ghostly Peter Parker appear at the end. Letting Otto stay as Peter Parker and Spider-Man, while an interesting novelty, looks like it will get old fast. Something that will get people to drop the title from their must-reads, even. I don’t want Spider-Man to ever fade to obscurity; he is, after all, my favorite superhero.

So here’s me hoping this craziness with Otto Octavius in Peter’s body is an arc that would wrap up quickly. And soon.


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