Press Release: Sunshine Dizon is ‘Lucy Aroma’ this Saturday in ‘Magpakailanman’

"Magpakailanman, January 12 2013"

photo courtesy of GMA Network

After five years, GMA Network has finally brought back its most successful drama anthology program–with a twist. This time, we’re not just getting dramatizations of true life stories. And this time, Miss Mel Tiangco is taking a more active role in the television show with discussions on the hows and the whys of a person’s life.

But it’s not just the show that has made a comeback. In this coming Saturday’s episode, actress Sunshine Dizon also makes a return to television with her first acting role in ages. As a fan of her work in Encantadia and Impostora, I’m looking forward to see the return of a once very promising actress.

Here’s GMA Network’s press release for the January 12, 2013 episode;

This Saturday, GMA’s reality-based drama anthology program Magpakailanman hosted by Ms. Mel Tiangco will feature another heartwarming true-life story — that of Lucy Aroma, the woman who decided to end her life by jumping on to the track of an approaching train in an LRT station in 2012.

Versatile kapuso actress Sunshine Dizon will breath life to Lucy’s story, which is a poignant tale of a woman who was pushed beyond her limits by fate’s unforgiving hands.  However, the episode will not only deal with Lucy’s tribulations which could have led her to commit suicide but also with the lessons that her family — especially her siblings — has learned from the incident.

Lucy was a loving sister.  Being the breadwinner of her family, she took upon herself the responsibility to provide for the needs of her siblings.  In fact, she gave up the chance of having her own family for their sake.  And even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she set aside her meager earnings — which she could have used to treat her ailment — for her family’s needs.  One day, she probably thought that she could not take it any longer.  She did something not one of her siblings and close friends thought she was capable of doing: suicide.

The episode shows that even if suicide is not uncommon in our society, it is never an answer to anyone’s problems.  We, human beings, are designed to be resilient and should be able to overcome even the hardest trials in life.

Don’t miss this episode of Magpakailanman this Saturday, January 12, after Kap’s Amazing Stories on GMA-7.

This episode of Magpakailanman also features LJ Reyes, Lucho Ayala, Ervic Vijande, Jace Flores and Jay Gonzaga. Andoy Ranay directs the episode written by Senedy Que.


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