Book: Time Cat

"Time Cat"

He doesn’t have nine lives, it’s true, but Gareth the cat is far from ordinary. For one thing, he can talk. What’s more, he has magical powers that even Jason hasn’t dreamed of…

‘Anywhere, any time, any country, any century.” Gareth tells Jason he can take them traveling through time. And in a single wink of the eye, he does. From ancient Egypt to Japan, from the land of young Leonardo da Vinci to the town of a woman accused of witchcraft, Jason and Gareth are whisked from place to place and friend to foe.

Sometimes, blurbs can be a little deceiving. Other times, what you see is what you get. In the case of Time Cat, it’s the case of the latter. But don’t expect there to be anything more.

Time Cat is the story of a cat and his boy as they travel across history, to the times when cats were deemed important. It tries to talk about the importance of friendship, of not judging by appearance, of working together.

Unfortunately, none sticks.

The main problem of the story ultimately falls on the lack of conflict. The cat and Jason do face some adversaries, and there always a present danger of being separated and not being able to go back to their own time, but it doesn’t feel genuine. You always knew that they were going to get out of it alive–that, at the end of it all, they’re gonna be back in their own time, having learned the lessons they’re supposed to learn.

It all feels a little too after-school special for me.

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