Television: One True Love

"One True Love"

One True Love is a simple love story. Or at least, it was supposed to be. It was conceptualized as such, anyway, when GMA asked for a show that would launch Alden Richards and Louise delos Reyes as lead stars. And then they made a mistake of casting Agot Isidro, Raymond Bagatsing, and Jean Garcia as their support.

Suddenly, One True Love wasn’t as simple as it was supposed to be. It became a cult sensation.

Yes, now in its remaining weeks, One True Love is not exactly a cult show. It’s winning its timeslots and the ad load is something I’m sure the marketing department of GMA is very happy about. But check out the show’s fanbase online–

I haven’t seen this fervor in a local show since Encantadia. Not even Amaya was widely discussed and praised like this show.

And, I must say, all the credit really goes to the head writer: Miss Suzette Doctolero–the brilliant mind behind One True Love. Well, and all the actors too–because they seemed to have inspired Miss Suzi (or RNH, as we Encantadiks fondly call her) to make a simple love story into a heart-wrenching family drama that has you reaching for tissue every other minute.

Before you say I’m biased, which I sort of am being part of the show and all, listen to me first: I’m writing this as a fan, not as a writer. And the last time I wrote something as a fan was back in the days of Bantatay, my very first show as part of GMA 7’s creative pool. While I love all the shows I’m part of, it takes something really special for me to gush about it on my blog.

One True Love is that special.

The actors are all brilliant. Especially Miss Agot Isidro who gave a truly inspired performance in her very first project with the Kapuso network. Raymond Bagatsing showed his versatility as he made a hundred-eighty degree turn from his previous role (in The Good Daughter, a show which I also loved). And Jean Garcia showed that GMA 7 has a reason why they keep giving her projects after projects.

But it was Alden Richards who really shone in this project.

He showed a magnificent hold on his emotions; he was able to turn in the expected leading man swoon factor–but it was in how he showed his vulnerability that had people rooting for him. Alden Richards is an actor. And biases be damned, he’s the best one (among the young stars) in the local industry right now.

Louise delos Reyes also showed promise, but I think she was eclipsed by another co-star in the lovability department. Rita Iringan who has long been cast as the anti-hero, or the second-tier villain, really came to her own as the inappropriately funny Mavic.

Together with Benjie Paras, the two was an force to reckon with as the father-and-daughter tandem who provided the laughs while tears fell. And, I must say, it takes exceptional comic timing to be able to make people laugh while their hearts are breaking.

Also exceptional were Miss Caridad Sanchez who proved that even in her old age, she still knows how to tug at heart strings. And Miss Tiya Pusit who shifted from her usual comic relief roles in favor of being the one to provide wise counsel.

And I mustn’t forget Mister Bembol Roco, who had to leave the show midway because of prior commitments. No, he wasn’t being a diva. One True Love was only supposed to run for eight weeks. He was contracted for ten weeks. And he exited the show somewhere in the twelfth week. The show is running on its sixteenth now.

But back to Mister Bembol; I’ve only known the actor as a thug, as the mastermind behind numerous schemes that would bring about the fall of a hero. I’ve never seen him in a role like this: where he was someone you’d root for, cry for. And his death scene was truly heart-breaking–and I’m part of the show’s team. I knew it was coming and it still broke my heart. That was exceptional acting right there.

I must commend him and Jean Garcia for portraying a love that had nothing to do with the norm. True, one side started with physical attraction, while the other with the purpose of revenge; but the two acted their assess off and gave us a love so believable that it was, again, heart-breaking to see it end.

Of course, even with all these amazing actors, there’s also the production team that made the show happen–who did their best to recreate the scenes that our brilliant head writer had cooked up. Also, the director who defied expectations, Andoy Ranay; and the director who proved himself in action, Mark dela Cruz.

And yet, in the end, I have to come back to the genius of Miss Suzi.

She who was able to turn a simple love story into something that wasn’t just touching–she made One True Love, and the character Alden Richards plays, inspiring. She didn’t just write a television show, she wrote a legacy–

One True Love will continue to touch lives even after the show ends. Not just because of the love story, but because of all the life lessons it imparted: on how not to give up, on how there’s a second chance for everyone… And the one lesson I learned not just through the show, but while working for the show as well–

That life, when you least expect it, will always surprise you.

One True Love continues to air weeknights on GMA Network (Philippines), after Luna Blanca.


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