Movie: Ruby Sparks

"Ruby Sparks"

A novelist struggling with writer’s block finds romance in a most unusual way: by creating a female character he thinks will love him, then willing her into existence.

I got to watch an advanced screening of Ruby Sparks, thanks to Pinoy Exchange, and I must say that I really liked the film. Not enough to clap like the rest of the audience did when the credits started rolling, but I liked it enough. I can’t do my popcorn rating though, because the popcorn I got from Taters was stale–and it stank. So somewhere near the beginning of the film, I just gave up on the popcorn. The fact that I did not regret having to traverse to Makati on a Monday night is enough of a rating, I guess.

Ruby Sparks, as the very short synopsis says, is about a novelist finding romance with a girl he made up. It’s like a cross between Stranger Than Fiction and Simone, and maybe even Weird Science–and yet it still stands on its own merit.

Why do I say that? Because unlike the three films I mentioned, Ruby Sparks is essentially a love story about just one boy. It’s the saying “you can never love anyone fully until you learn to love yourself” turned into a film. And you will not understand how that’s possible without you watching the film yourself. Which you should. Because the movie is worth the effort of going to the cinemas and buying a ticket.

The actors are all great, especially Annette Benning who shone in her too few scenes, and Chris Messina who I don’t really know but scored a lot of laughs from the audience. Antonio Banderas was there too. And, of course, Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan were exceptional in their portrayal of the novelist with issues, and the girl with the many personalities.

Ruby Sparks is no big-budget end-of-summer movie. It’s a heartfelt story that hopes to share its views on love–and what’s important in a relationship.

Watch it.


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