Book: The Rise of Nine

"The Rise of Nine"

They know the charm is broken.

They know we’re all in danger now.

They are determined to find us before we find each other.

We must come together.

We are Lorien and Earth’s only hope, and we are prepared to sacrifice everything.

Power in numbers will save us all.

It’s funny how I really don’t like this series, and yet I cannot stop myself from buying the books and reading them. It’s a guilty pleasure!

I remember reading from somewhere (or maybe I myself said/wrote it) that this book is the equivalent of an action-packed summer blockbuster. And it continues to be so. The third book hasn’t slowed down a bit, and it’s all the better for it.

But what I particularly like about this series is the fact that, unlike Artemis Fowl, it’s not trying to one-up the previous book. It’s not thinking of new and exciting ways to be implausible. Instead, it just continues to build the world it’s trying to make us believe exists. And that is why, I think, I cannot turn my back on the series. World-building calls to me. I like exploring them. I like living in them.

I like being a fan boy.

I’ve long since repressed the memory of the movie version of I Am Number Four, so unlike The Power of Six, this book had the added bonus of me not having the visuals from the movie limit my imagination. And while I did say that I like world-building, I also like being given the freedom to create my own visuals for the world. Which is where, I think, the people behind Pittacus Lore excels at. They’re building the world, but they’re only giving you the foundation and the mock-up. It’s up to your imagination to finish it off.

And to help you along, the writers of the book doesn’t give you twisty plots that are only added to astound you in the end. It gives you logical and plausible reactions from characters, enabling you to connect with them more.

For a book about aliens, it’s nice that it doesn’t actually alienate you.

Having read and enjoyed this third book, I think I can finally drop the guilt on liking this book. It’s no longer a guilty pleasure. It’s just a pleasure.

If you’ve noticed, I didn’t really say much about the story. That’s because the whole book is teaming with spoiler bombs. You’ll just have to take my word that the book is good.

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