Movie: The Avengers


When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

The Avengers is undeniably a Joss Whedon film: with an opening that is reminiscient of how Buffy, the Vampire Slayer ended its television run, and a tragic second act that harkens to all his works. All of them. And, of course, let’s not forget the rapidfire exchanges of dialogues that are very, very Whedonesque.

Being a big fan of Whedon, I don’t think it would come as a surprise to anyone that I completely enjoyed the movie. There was a point, sometime near the beginning, when I just stopped trying to analyze it and decided to just enjoy the ride. And the film does that: it makes you stop whatever critical thinking gears you have from turning, and tells you to just follow whatever happens on screen with fanboy (or fangirl) glee.

Come to think of it, I have absolutely no idea if the story structure was sound. I just know that there was a story, and a structure, to the events of the film.

Then again, having so many superheroes, almost all of whom had their own movies, team up for one adventure would put anyone’s creativity to the test–and Whedon definitely passes with flying colors. Never mind if there were things that were just too convenient. It’s a superhero movie, it’s based on comics logic, we just accept what happens and move on.

And I realize that I’m not really going to be objective about this movie. I loved it, plain and simple. I think the world of it. The action was great, the dialogue were great… Everything was great! I can’t wait for a sequel, if they plan on doing one! So for anyone looking for a reaction that has more than gushing would be wise to look somewhere else. For anyone else who just wants to gush with me, you can do so in the comments. I promise to gush back.

That said, I do have this one teeny, tiny nitpick I want to bring up: Thor’s stylized way of speaking didn’t seem consistent to me. It was very stiff upper lip when he was talking to Loki, but it was immediately simplified when he was conversing with any one of the Avengers and Nick Fury. Or am I overanalyzing this? What did you guys think?

6 thoughts on “Movie: The Avengers

  1. I loved the movie too. I liked how even the minor characters like The Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Agent Coulson had their own moments in the story.

    I agree, one should suspend critical/logical thinking and let the fanboy/fangirl loose.

    I didn’t really notice Thor’s change in his manner of speaking. I was too busy watching his face. 😀

    • My favorite were the Black Widow’s moments. Joss Whedon really has a way with kickass, yet flawed, heroines that makes you root for them. 😉

      as for Thor, it was just in one scene, but it really bothered me. Haha, I guess I’m not part of the demographic who’ll get distracted by his face. 😉

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