Book: Suplado Tips 2

"Suplado Tips 2" by Stanley ChiCalling this a local version of The Bro Code would do Suplado Tips a disservice, but the cover and the actual layout does invite comparison. Thankfully, Suplado Tips 2 quickly dispels any similarities with its comic strip asides, and its Suplado stories. And the fact that its content is completely a different animal from the “rulebook” that The Bro Code is setting itself up to be.

Stanley Chi has found himself a gold mine with his Suplado Tips compilation. A dry sense of humor is very in right now here in the Philippines, thanks partly to comedian Vice Ganda. And with Mr. Chi’s snark free-flowing, you’re sure to find yourself laughing aloud to the tips he has for dealing with daily life, sports fanatics, and even evil bosses.

Suplado Tips is very much like The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 compilation, in the context that they are both light readings, that you can take them anywhere, and share them with friends or colleagues. Both are funny to a point, and both have clunkers. But that’s always the case when it comes to compilations, I guess. Especially compilations of punch lines. Sometimes, they work better when delivered in front of a crowd, some of them work better in context of something happening in the now, and some of them–well, just seem funny when you’re really tired to think of anything else.

Still, I think Suplado Tips 2 is another great book for taking to vacations. Or as an ice-breaker for house parties. The only thing is, I don’t know where one can find it. The copy I have was given to me.

For more Suplado Tips, or other Stanley Chi insights, check out his website–and his radio show on digradio.


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