Book: The Best of The Morning Rush Top 10

"The Best of the Morning Rush Top 10"Need a laugh?” That’s what it says at the back of the book. “The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 puts together 100 of the naughtiest, craziest, most laugh-out-loud lists from RX 93.1’s most popular radio show.” The blurb forgets to mention that the book also contains a couple of lists that’s sure to break your heart, and a couple of clunkers that seem to have been put in just to reach 100 lists.

Well, clunkers for me. Thing is, when I read it aloud to a couple of friends, they found it completely hilarious. I guess it really depends on who’s the audience. But let’s move on, shall we?

The Best of The Morning Rush Top 10 is perfect for the summer. It’s a light enough read that you can take it anywhere. Pick it up while you’re lounging on the beach, and you can put it down anytime to return to at a later time. You can take it to a party, and it would be a great ice breaker.

Speaking from experience, reading it aloud to an audience (complete with inflections, of course) is more fun than reading it alone. But a silent read doesn’t detract from the very smart, and the very smart-ass, entries of the book. But for some reason, everything is funnier when they’re performed in front of an audience.

The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 is already a bestseller. But I do believe, Mr. Host, that life would be so much better with more laughter. And with that belief, I am imploring everyone who is reading this (and who doesn’t know the compilation yet) to go and buy it. It’s worth every peso.

But since it’s important to always have a second opinion, here I am linking you to two:
Provoked Thoughts
Viva La Vida!


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