Event: The Morning Rush Book Launch

"The Morning Rush" with Chico and DelamarAnd almost one month after the said event, I am finally here to blog about it.

First off, I would like to thank Summit Books for being gracious enough to invite me. And I also apologize for being a bad blogger, since it might have looked like I abandoned the blog. I haven’t. I just found it harder to take a break from all the deadlines I had to meet. But that’s all been said and done now, so let’s move on to the actual event.

The “book launch” for the The Morning Rush’s Top 10 compilation isn’t really a launch, per se. The book was already widely distributed, and at the time of the event, it was already in the bestseller’s list of National Bookstore. But still, Summit Books decided to invite some media people, as well as a few bloggers, for an intimate reading and Q&A session with the hosts of the Morning Rush; with the event being hosted by their current third co-host Gino Boy.

At the “launch”, DJs Chico and Delamar shared a few behind-the-scenes stories about the Morning Rush’s Top 10 segment–as well as how the compilation came about. Short story made shorter, Summit approached them. But if you want to hear most of the story, it’s in the video I’ve embedded in this post.

Also in the video are a couple of snippets from the readings they did. I managed to capture a lot, but thought better to include all of them in the video. If you want the funnies, you can buy the book–it’s not expensive at all, and it’s available in bookstores everywhere. In Manila anyway. I’m not completely sure if it is as widely circulated in other parts of the country though.

I’m keeping my reactions to the compilation for another post. And with that, I leave you with my video coverage of The Mornng Rush Top 10 “book launch”.


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