Movie: Enteng ng Ina Mo

"Enteng ng Ina Mo" directed by Tony ReyesI’ve already resigned myself to the fact that whenever a Vic Sotto movie is showing, I’m going to be accompanying my mother in watching said film. And Vic Sotto always has an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. And after last year’s successful crossover movie, Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote, I guess  it was only logical for Vic Sotto to entertain another crossover with two successful film franchises: this time his Enteng Kabisote is meeting the wacky family of Ang Tanging Ina Mo. And thus we have, Enteng ng Ina Mo.

Unlike Ang Panday 2, which focused too much on its main character’s unerring virtues and hero moments, Enteng ng Ina Mo doesn’t shy away from the faults of its lead characters. To a fault, actually. Because being an Okey Ka Fairy Ko kid, I didn’t really like the way they wrote Enteng Kabisote’s character in the first thirty minutes of the film. But I’ll get to that later. What I really want to talk about first is the fact that the movie knew what was going to work this Christmas season: family.

I’ve said it before, I think, that when an Enteng Kabisote movie revolves around family, it really works. And it’s inevitable that the film would revolve around family seeing as it’s crossing over with the Tanging Ina film franchise. So I had high hopes for this film. Well, higher hopes than I did for Ang Panday 2. So when I was disappointed by what I saw in Ang Panday 2, I figured that I would probably like this film less. Except I didn’t. Well, I did at first–but when the action started rolling, I stopped disliking it–and actually found the movie enjoyable.

The main arc of the story follows Satana (Bing Loyzaga) as she hatches yet another plan to takeover the faerie world of Enkantasya. But this time, one of her new minions forsees a prophecy that says an exceptional mother would be her undoing. Satana thinks the prophecy is talking about Ina Magenta (Amy Perez), her sister and long-time rival. But when she succeeds in abducting the ruler of Engkantasya, her minion maintains that the prophecy still holds true. An exceptional mother, one who has something Satana never will possess, will be the evil queen’s undoing. And so Satana turns her eyes on Enkantasya’s heir to the throne: Chlorateam (Gwen Zamora)–a faerie who deigned to fall in love with a mortal, and one whose sole purpose in life is to love her family.

With Ina Magenta missing, the kingdom of Enkantasya calls on Chlorateam to take on the responsibilities of ruling the faerie world–something Satana doesn’t want happening. So she decides to play with Chlorateam’s family–by casting a spell on her husband Enteng (Vic Sotto) to fall in love with another woman, thereby destroying the foundation that makes Chlorateam stronger than her: her family.

What Satana didn’t count on was the fact that Enteng would fall in love with an exceptional mother: Ina Montecillo (Ai Ai delas Alas), who eventually turns out to be the mother foretold in her minion’s prophecy. What follows are hijinx after hijinx as Enteng’s and Ina’s family work on making sure that Enteng and Ina don’t end up together; to save the world of Enkantasya, as well as the heart of Ina Montecillo.

Enteng ng Ina Mo has a good balance of comedy, fantasy, action and heart that is perfect for the Christmas season. And while the Enteng Kabisote franchise does make a return to the cheesy effects it employed prior to last year’s Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote, the good material was enough to make it work in the end.

Now, as for my earlier gripe about Enteng’s characterization; when Enteng learns of Chlorateam’s decision to take over Enkantasya, he makes her choose between her family and her responsibility. And while I understand that it was a spur of the moment thing that has Enteng feeling hurt and betrayed, it would’ve worked just as well has the writers decided for Enteng to take the martyr route. That would’ve been more in character for Enteng who has risked his life over and over again for the safety of Enkantasya. Just saying.

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