Book: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Freefall Part Three

"Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"With the destruction of the seed, the fight against Twilight was brought to an end, and magic’s connection to our earth was severed. No more Slayers will be chosen. No more Slayerarmy. No more gang: Buffy’s a waitress in San Francisco; Dawn and Xander are attempting normal domesticity; Willow is struggling with the loss of her powers. It’s a new(ish) world, but there are still demons and vampires to slay–even as their popularity with the masses continues to grow–and Bufffy is on point to do what she has always done.

She is the Slayer.

Buffy just keeps bringing on the twist. After the second issue’s showstopper, where it was revealed to us (the readers) that there’s a new kind of Slayer in town, the third issue twists the twist anew. I think we have just met Season 9’s big bad–if he does turn out to be the big bad. He could just be the mid-bad. Or a small bad.

Nevertheless, the new season of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is certainly hitting the right buttons for me. I’ve already said in my previous blog post how it’s more reminiscient of the television series than the season eight. And I would like to reiterate this. Buffy fans will no longer need to justify themselves when buying this title. Because everything they (and by that, I mean ‘we’) loved in the series is back. My gripe, if it can be called as such, is how slow stories tend to run–because we have to wait a month in between issues. And since an issue normally just takes up one episode body (a one-hour drama has four to five bodies in an episode), an episode of the comic series takes up four months to finish.

But that’s a small price to pay for quality story-telling, right?

Thing is, because the events of one comic book is too short for a full-fledged blog post, I’m going to have to end it here. Because if I get into details of what I liked about the issue–I might end up spoiling it.


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