Book: Popped Too (Guest Blogger)

Remember the Popped Too book launch I went to? Well, they gave away copies of the book for bloggers to review. Except I knew I wasn’t going to be objective with it, as I’m not a big fan of Korean pop. So I decided not to be the one to read and review the book. Instead, I asked a friend (Chikai of Flaming Tofu) to write about it, since she’s into Korean Pop.

Take it away, Chikai!

* * *

"Popped Too" by Chinggay LabradorI’ve been a fan of Korean Pop (KPop) for three years now, though I can’t say I’m a longtime fan. I still consider myself a newbie in the KPop scene, since I was pulled in during the pop Hallyu in the Philippines–though I have been a fan of their dramas since I was in grade school.

The reason why I read the first book of the Popped series were these: One, my friend bought it and lent it to me; and two, I was interested to read a story that revolved around KPop.

First, a little background: In my group of close friends, only one of us was a fan of KPop. Eventually she got me hooked, and a few months later, the remaining two also got sucked into the world of KPop. (The last one to become a fan was actually the one who bought the book.) We were good friends even before KPop, but I can say that we had more fun because of it.

Before reading Popped Too, I advise you to read the previous book, Popped, first. The author doesn’t give a lot of time or pages in reviewing the events of Popped in Popped Too.

What I like about the series is that it’s like a fangirl’s daydreams in print form. Travelling to Seoul for the second time, as well as meeting and getting remembered by your favorite idols? How can a fangirl not want that, right? But Popped Too focuses more on Korean Drama (KDrama) than KPop. It narrates Andie Bautista’s KDrama-like love life with a Korean, Mac Park. Though there are still hints of KPop references with Andie and her friends’ fangirling, and her other friend Nica’s involvement in the heart of the KPop scene.

While reading the book, there were times when I just had to stop for a moment and squeal from the kilig. Because basically Popped Too is about love and the story of her friends.

Setting the fangirl’s perspective aside, the story gives importance to friendship. That is what I identified with the most (and not the traveling to Seoul part, because I haven’t done that–yet!) KPop made them build a closer relationship and have adventures. Hopefully, my friends and I will get to experience the same thing sometime in the future.

The story does not really have a complicated plot. Andie’s first person narrations just tell it as it is with some of her own thoughts added in. Since the plot is not really complicated, the problems are not really that heavy as well.

There are also words that don’t get translated from Filipino, like kilig and some lines of conversation. And, I must say, the Filipino words make it seem like an account of events that really happened to the author. It really feels like a firsthand account of a Filipina and her experiences of the Korean culture.

I am not really sure if non-fans would relate, or enjoy the books in the series. As for myself though, being a fan, I enjoyed reading both books as light-readings. It’s the type of book that isn’t too heavy, and it makes you think what would happen next. You would enjoy reading it like you would a blog post, or something similar. It is also short enough that you can finish it in one sitting. It’s good to read it if you want to take your mind off something even just for a little while, like watching a romantic movie or drama.

* * *

Thanks, Chikai!

Popped Too is available in all bookstores for P175. Published by Summit Books


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