Book: Glee, the Official Annual 2011

"Glee: The Official Annual 2011"What is there to say about Glee that hasn’t been said before? Glee was a phenomenon. I’m sure some people believe it still is, but personally, I think it’s nearing its expiration date. But, I must admit, I still enjoy watching it–even if it’s mostly because of the performances and not the actual story. Season 3 looks like it could go back to the way things were in Season 1–the early part of Season 1. But has the changes come a little bit too late?

Of course, what I’m really here to talk about isn’t the current status of Glee. I’m writing about the official annual (pictured left) that came out sometime early this year. I didn’t buy it right off the bat, because I didn’t really think there’s anything more I want to know about the cast. Especially after the lackluster Season 2. But when National Bookstore had a sale, and I saw that it wasn’t that expensive, I figured: what the hell? Might as well get it.

It’s the type of thing only a collector would like. There’s really nothing new to be gleaned from the official annual–if it is even official. Season 1 ended in May of 2010, and yet the annual came out in 2011. So that there is fishy right from the get-go. Though, it does say inside that it’s a product of the United Kingdom. So that might have something to do with it.

Regardless of its authenticity though, the annual is basically an episode guide for the first season, with character profiles for that season’s main players, and a few extras I would rather forget. There’s the how-to for prom, there’s the test to see which Glee guy is your type, and which Glee girl would you be bestfriends with. Clearly, I was not the intended audience when the publishers decided to make this publication. Of course, no one actually forced me to buy this, so I shouldn’t complain.

The only new thing you’ll find here are the prom pictures that have been spotted online before, but were never really released. I don’t know what Fox was planning with those photos–but it’ll be too late to release them now.

If I could go back in time to stop myself from buying this, I would. Even though it wasn’t expensive–it really did nothing to affect me in the least. Well, aside from take some cash out of my wallet. Which, I’m sure, someone would say is exactly what Glee is doing anyway, with all the merchandise, and the songs, etc.


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