Book: Deadly Storm

Richard Castle's "Deadly Storm"While tracking down a missing husband for a desperate wife, private investigator Derrick Storm discovers there’s a lot more to the job than he’s been led to believe when he discovers the missing husband is actually a rogue CIA operative involved in selling national security secrets to enemy forces. He soon finds himself knee deep in international intrigue when he’s recruited by the lovely and dangerous Clara Strike, a CIA agent with a penchant for trouble and adventure.

So I picked up the Castle graphic novel. Yeah. I haven’t even gotten around to finishing the third season yet, and here I am reading. Granted, it took me less time to read the book than it would take me to finish the episodes I’ve yet to watch. And why am I explaining this anyway?

Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm is anything but deadly. It reads like the first (really) published Richard Castle book: Heat Wave. It has a servicable story, but it’s mostly a set-up to what seems to be a series of graphic novels–much like what they are doing with the Nikki Heat books. That said, there’s nothing bad about the title. It’s just very ordinary. Of course, once we move past this first issue and delve into the stories without the need for set-up and introductions, my guess is things would start to pick up. That’s assuming Marvel will greenlight another one.

The art though isn’t very ordinary. It’s very well done. Especially how they likened Derrick Storm’s features to Nathan Fillion’s. Unless that wasn’t the intent. In that case, the art was still very well done. But what were they thinking?!

Okay, so that indignation was completely fake. Let’s move on.

What I really liked about the Deadly Storm title was the extra in the end. Castle the show has mentioned time and again the other novels Richard Castle has written. Except, aside from the Nikki Heat novels and, now, Deadly Storm, we don’t really know much about the other books aside from their titles. The extra in this book had summaries for the other Derrick Storm books, and the supernatural-thrillers our titular author has supposedly written. Some of them read like the usual supernatural-thriller books I enjoy, so I am looking forward to those–if ABC decides to license them too.

Hey, maybe Christopher Golden can ghost-write a few!

Overall, I enjoyed the extras more than I did the graphic novel of Deadly Storm. But when Marvel does come out with another title, I’m sure I’ll be picking that one up too.

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