Book: Quantum Prophecy, The Reckoning

"The Reckoning" by Michael CarrollFirst, the Earth’s champions, old and new, returned to a world that thought the era of superheroes had come to a close. Then, an age-old conflict of good versus evil, heroes versus villains, was renewed. Now, it all comes down to one great battle. And if Quantum’s prophecy proves true, it could just mean the end of the world as we know it.

I mentioned in my previous post that I really liked how events foreshadow the bigger picture in the Quantum Prophecy series. And then I said, non verbatim, that there were also instances when things happen first before we go to the back story. Which, while I’m not a fan of, I admit is important to protect the twist of Quantum Prophecy.

In the third book, we meet a new villain. Sort of. This person appears as a mole in the second book, but gets elevated to actual villain status in this story. And said person is the only thing I didn’t like about the third story, because I thought the characterization given this villain was better in the second book. True, we didn’t learn much about this person then, but the mystery suited the character. But I don’t really have any problem with the revelations–it’s the character’s personality change afterwards that throws me. It’s not like the facts were revealed to the villain–it was already a given to the character even before the events of the The Gathering. So I don’t understand how this person would go from being extremely patient, to easily agitated after the revelation.

It’s difficult to write about a character you don’t want to spoil.

Take out my problem with the villain, and I think The Reckoning is the best of the three Quantum Prophecy books. And though the twist to Danny’s vision (from the first book, The Awakening) can be seen a mile away, it remains effective–especially since it distracts you to the other big twist: of Colin being the one who’s actually susceptible to turn to the dark side–because of good intentions.

The Gathering dealt with repercussions. The Recknoning deals with judgement. Colin, for all the good he wants to do, is a very judgmental person. He wants his right and wrong cut out and separated. But as he learns (or does he?) in this book, it’s not easy to only be one. We do things that we think are right. We do wrong things to right something. There’s really no clear-cut good or evil, only gray areas and the choices we end up making. And I think it’s a brilliant topic to take on for a book geared towards the younger generation–of which I’m still part of. Barely.

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