Book: Quantum Prophecy, The Awakening

"The Awakening" by Michael CarrollTen years ago, all the superhumans vanished. No one knows what happened to them…until now.

Thirteen-year-olds Danny and Colin are shocked to discover that they are in fact the beginning of a renewed superhuman race. As they rise to take the place of the lost generation, the unimaginable truth behind the explosive final battle that occured ten years ago between the superheroes and the supervillains is exposed. And when the past resurfaces, Danny and his fellow superheroes must face new challenges that threaten their survival. On the run from everyone, and not knowing who is friend or foe, the one ability the new heroes are going to need the most is the power to distinguish good from evil.

It’s been more than a couple of weeks since I finished reading this book. To tell you honestly, I’m having a hard time writing about this one because I don’t know if I like it or I don’t. Coming from Super Human and The Ascencion, I feel as if I should like this book. But I don’t think I do.

It wasn’t bad. It was well-written, and the pacing was good. Except, I was already exposed to the better written prequels. By the same author. So I couldn’t help but compare the three books, and I found this one lacking. Our protagonists, Danny and Colin, are not as endearing as Lance was in the prequels. And then we have a third female hero who doesn’t really bring much to the table in terms of telling the story–

And speaking of the story, I didn’t really grasp the gravity of the plot/premise until near the end of the book. When we were told that ridding the world of superheroes might kill the heroes. It wasn’t until that point that I actually went, “ah! so they really do have to stop the villains.” Because all throughout the book, I didn’t get the point of all the running, the escaping and the fighting. The Awakening is nothing more than set-up, I think. And the scene with protagonist Danny, where he sees a vision, only strengthens this idea that the first book just wants to set up what may happen in the succeeding books.

Was my interest piqued enough for me to buy the second book? Truth be told, no. Except I had already bought the second (and third) book prior to my finding a copy of the first book. And since the books are a fast read, I thought, I might as well read them too.

Good thing I did. The second and third book were much better than this first one. But I’m not writing about them in this post.

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5 thoughts on “Book: Quantum Prophecy, The Awakening

  1. I often find that if it takes me some time to get around to writing a review it’s because I’m not particularly enamoured of a book. The ones I love or loathe I typically get to right away, but the “meh” ones…well, it’s hard to write a luke-warm review.

    The concept sounds fun enough, but I think the superpowers thing has been so well mined that there really needs to be a strong differentiator–or at least a great villain. 🙂

    • “but I think the superpowers thing has been so well mined that there really needs to be a strong differentiator–or at least a great villain”

      I think you nailed my problem with the book with that line. There is no strong antagonistic presence in The Awakening, that I feel there’s no justification for the fear that the book wants us to feel for our protagonists.

      And you’re right. It is harded to write a luke-warm reaction than to write a more impassioned (two extremes: really like, or really hate) review. Though, in this case, it was coupled with the fact that I just went through my busiest two weeks in recent history. =)

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