Television: Doctor Who and the Closing Time

"Closing Time"In the last few days of his life, the Doctor pays a farewell visit to his old friend Craig, and encounters a mystery. People are going missing, a silver rat scuttles in the shadows of a department store, and somewhere close by the Cybermen are waiting…

For the penultimate episode of Doctor Who‘s Series 6, we go back to the whimsical with the return of Craig (James Corden).

Last we saw Craig, he was getting his life with Sophie (Daisy Haggard) in order. And now they’ve got a kid–and Craig is out to prove that he can handle taking care of their baby on his own for a whole weekend. Except he has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s just received a surprise visitor in the form of the Doctor!

Now, whenever the Doctor is near, there is always trouble afoot. And that’s exactly what Craig thinks when he sees the Doctor! Except the Doctor doesn’t really have any idea what’s going on. And that’s exactly what is this Series is about, isn’t it?

The Doctor has no idea what’s going on. And unlike before where he would go on and on about explanations and expositions, and generally making everyone feel better about what just happened–he can’t do that this time. His time with Amy and Rory seems to have had a bad effect on him! Well, the fact that he’s about to die might also have something to do with that.

I find it odd though that the episode never mentioned the Doctor having already spent 200 years just going around the universe. Meeting up and hooking with River Song from time to time. We got a bit of that from the dialogue in the Series 6 premiere. And there’s no mention of that at all in this episode. Even one teeny tiny mention. We do find out where the TARDIS blue envelopes (and stationary) and the Stetson come from though.

And another aside, what was up with Amy Pond becoming a commercial model? There’s a billboard in the shop where the Doctor gets employed with Amy endorsing a perfume for girls who are tired of waiting. It’s a cute way of writing the character into the story, but I don’t understand how Amy could be a commercial model at this point of time. Oh, and before you say the Doctor left her and Rory at the end of last episode, the events of Closing Time actually happens before the events of The Impossible Astronaut.

Well, for the Doctor it happens before and after. Also, after and after. It’s timey-wimey and wibbly-wobbly.

Going back to the point, there was never a mention of Amy becoming a commercial model. Ever. Since The Impossible Astronaut! You would think this fact is something Amy or Rory would mention to the Doctor. Once. Or, you know, knowing Amy, every single chance she gets! This is the problem with throwaway lines/mentions like these–no one in production seems to notice when things become out-of-character, or out-of-continuity, or what-not. Of course, if Moffatt writes an explanation into the finale episode about Amy’s modeling career–then I take everything back. I apologize. But if he doesn’t, and it never gets mentioned again:

What the hell?!

Overall though the episode was nice. It was good throwback to the more carefree episodes of Series 5, whilst giving enough weight to the ongoing Series 6 arc. It also helps that Amy and Rory have nothing to do with the plot, directly, so nothing can be said about their faith in the Doctor, and their lack of empathy for their missing daughter. It’s not an episode to write accolades about. It was just…nice.

5 thoughts on “Television: Doctor Who and the Closing Time

    • True, there was no reason for having a filler episode. But I didn’t see it so much a filler as it was a breather for the action-packed finale that is no doubt waiting for us next week.

      As for why the hell the Ponds are in Colchester… well, these are the Ponds before the events of The Impossible Astronaut, so who knows? Maybe they were following a lead as to where the Doctor might be?

      • ah, but The Doctor’s Wife was initially scripted for Series 5. so the art department (or maybe the writer) could just be trying to be clever with the props, and didn’t consult Moffat (or the other producers) properly with the Petrichor perfume. the script could’ve just said “have Amy be a commercial model/have Amy be in a billboard.” =)

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