Event: Popped Too Book Launch

Chinggay LabradorOkay, so I want to apologize for not being a very active blogger for the last couple of weeks. Work things piled up, and since that’s where I get the money to buy the books (and the DVDs, and the movie tickets, etc.) I had to make that my top priority. Well, that and I enjoy my work. But you’re not really here to read about what I do for a living, so let’s skip that and go straight to:

The Popped Too book launch!

It was held last Wednesday, September 21, at the Subspace Coffee House at F. Ortigas Jr. Road (aka Emerald Road)–not an easy place to find for someone like me. Good thing my meeting finished early and I was able to spend (close to) an hour just to look for the place.

Now, to be quite frank, the only reason I attended was because I wanted to support the local book scene. Also, I felt guilty for having to bail out on the The Best of This is a Crazy Planets book launch because of the weather (and work).

I knew nothing about the book being launched–I didn’t even know that it was the launch for the sequel. But things became quite clear as soon as I stepped inside the quaint Korean-inspired coffee shop. Well, that and Charlie (the Summit Media person-in-charge)’s first question: “Do you like K-Pop?”

Yeah, no. Not really. I’m familiar with some Korean pop songs, since I work in the entertainment industry and all, but I can’t say I like it. Well, maybe some songs. But I don’t see myself becoming a fan. Ever. But that shouldn’t stop me from enjoying a good book regardless of the topic, right? I’m not a fan of basketball and I enjoyed reading Pacific Rims.

I have to admit though, that question hung around me the whole time I was there. I’m not a fan of K-Pop and I’m attending a launch for a book inspired by it. And they’re screening Korean music videos (with Thai subtitles) while we waited for the launch to start. I was starting to doubt my decision to come. But I steeled myself. I made a promise to support local literature. So I stayed and braved through the family, the friends–and the fan girls.

Chinggay Labrador, the author, was very nice. Although, I don’t think she has this author-with-fans thing down pat yet. She seemed uneasy about having to stand in front of so many people, reading from the book she had published, and answering questions about her personal life that–well, she must’ve expected, seeing as the book(s) were loosely based around her own love for Korean pop culture.

The event didn’t take long though. After a short Q&A about the books (yes, there are plans for a third, fourth and a fifth Popped books) and raffle, it was all over. Now I have two more books to read, one given (Popped Too) and one I bought (Popped). And I’ll write my reaction to them as soon as I finish reading the books.

"Popped Too" by Chinggay LabradorHere’s the press release Summit Media made for Popped Too:

K-Pop fans everywhere loved the highly-popular novel, and National Book Store bestseller, Popped released by Summit Books last year. Now, author Chinggay Labrador returns with the much-awaited sequel entitled Popped Too.

Popped Too follows the story of Andie, as she embarks on an unforgettable journey to Seoul, Korea with her friends. Together, the fangirls fulfill their Seoul wish list, which includes bumping into their favorite K-Pop celebrity crushes, falling head-over-heels with a Korean boy, and more!

Labrador, a self-confessed K-Pop fanatic, says, “I was inspired by how funny and absurd K-Pop gossip can be, by my trip to Korea last February, my friends who continue to love K-Pop no matter what, by the friends I made, and places we visited while traveling together.” Andie’s adventures in the motherland of all things K-Pop are all inspired by Chinggay’s own misadventures with her friends.

Will Andie and her friends fulfill their K-Pop dreams? Get your K-Pop fix and find out by grabbing your copy of Popped Too, available in bookstores, newsstands,  and supermarkets nationwide for only P175.

And that’s it for me for now.

My next blog post will once again be for Doctor Who, and then I’m going to be writing abuot the three Quantum Prophecy novels, an oldish sort-of graphic novel from Arnold Arre, and I got a review request for an e-book that I’ve yet to read. So that’s what’s coming up. Until then, see ya!


5 thoughts on “Event: Popped Too Book Launch

    • You mean where to buy it online? I tried searching at Fully Booked’s site, since that’s the only local bookstore where you can buy stuff online–but they don’t have it there.

      I think you’d have to physically go somewhere to buy this book. It’s available in all local bookstores though, as well as smaller stores like Book Sale and Filbar’s. =)

  1. ouh i see..
    i don’t think it will works because i’m from malaysia..
    and i haven’t found any here yet..
    but still, thank you so much for the respond!
    very much appreciated~ ^_^

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