Filipino Friday: Becoming a Reader

"Filipino Friday"Hey guys! I’m bringing back Filipino Friday here in my blog for the next three Fridays to support the first Filipino Readers’ Conference that will happen this coming September 14. I actually already skipped one Filipino Friday post last week, since I didn’t want to bore people with details about me. So I’m starting with the second non-Filipino-specific question, before moving on to the Filipino-centric ones for the next two Fridays.

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way, here’s this week’s question: How did you become a reader? What factors influenced you to take up reading as a hobby and why do you enjoy it so much?

My mom is actually a big reader. Coming into marriage with my father, she brought with her boxes and boxes of books. And instead of spoiling us with toys, my mom loved buying encyclopedias and bedtime versions of classic stories.

Growing up, I discovered my mom’s stash of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, alongside the Bobbsey Twins and her Sweet Valleys. And I became so attached to these books that I would read everywhere–even inside moving vehicles, under my blanket (after lights out) and while walking! (Funny aside: while walking home from school one time, when I was around 8, I had my nose so deep in the book that I didn’t pay attention to where I was walking. I ended up knee deep inside a manhole, but I didn’t even mind–because I was already at the exciting part of the book! I did get a scolding when I got home though. Apparently, gutter water is not very easy to get out of white socks.)

It’s actually a miracle that I still don’t need to wear glasses.

I never knew any other hobby outside of reading, and playing make believe. I tried so many different types of sports, but I always ended up at the bleachers flipping through pages. I’ve played so many games, but I always end up enjoying only those with a good story attached to it–otherwise, I’d get bored and end up reading a book. Heck, there was a time in high school when I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy instead of studying for my exams! There’s just something about escaping to distant worlds and far-off places in the safety of your own bed (or floor) that always appealed to me–more than actual travel, or spending time under the sun, or anything else.

To conclude, I never became a reader.

I was born a reader.

Note: Credits for the Filipino Friday artwork goes to Tina of One More Page.


12 thoughts on “Filipino Friday: Becoming a Reader

  1. I was born a reader. -> Love this line!

    Yay, first Filipino Friday post this week! I’m going to post mine when I get home earlier. It was also my parents who influenced me to read. When I look back on my childhood, I feel like books were always there. I wasn’t as hardcore as you were though, never walked into a manhole because I had my nose stuck inside a book. 😛 And I still played street games with the other kids in our neighborhood. It’s just that reading has always been, and always will be, my main hobby. I’m really thankful I don’t need to wear glasses too!

    • Haha, I had it queued. =)

      My mom did influence me to read, but it was never something she forced on us. She just made the books available, and I was drawn to them. Honestly, she never even read to us. (My parents were the busy sort when I was younger.)

      I also played street games–for a few minutes. But I was always happier with a book than with other kids. I never got around to actually making friends until I was already in Fifth Grade. =)

      “I’m really thankful I don’t need to wear glasses too!”

      Thank goodness for small miracles, right? =)

      • You know what, I was also a shy kid! So maybe that’s why I got into reading back then. Most people have a hard time believing that I was quiet and shy when I was younger because I’m really outgoing now.

        And yes, I hope I don’t need to wear glasses until I’m really old. 😛

  2. I can identify with most of what you said except for the manhole-experience (glad you didn’t get hurt) and the glass-wearing. I think reading a novel instead of studying for exams is a rite of passage for any serious booklover. 😉

    • I don’t remember getting physically hurt. I might have had my ego bruised then, but I was too young to actually care. Haha. =)

      As for reading a novel (or novels) instead of studying is not something I would suggest for anyone to do. I was lucky to pass my exams. Haha!

    • I did!

      And I agree, the older ones were better written than the later ones. I remember some of them actually read more like Sweet Valley than actual mystery novels. =/

    • Maybe it’s their accessibilty or availability? At least it was for me. They were readily available, and my mom had those books by the tons!

      They’re also really easy to read. =)

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