Book: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets

"This is a Crazy Planets" by Lourd de VeyraHow do I introduce The Best of This is a Crazy Planets? Well, most Filipino netizens don’t actually need an introduction to the compilation—except to say that there is a compilation of one of the more prominent blogs in cyberspace.

Truth be told, I wasn’t actually familiar about the blog until I received an invite to the book launch. I wasn’t able to attend, because of my day job (yes, I do have one) and I thought that was it. But like what happened with Warm Bodies, that initial contact was enough to pique my interest, and I had been looking out for a copy of the book since the launch. This search would’ve been more successful had I actually had time to visit malls and bookstores.

But the PR team behind Summit saw it fit to send me a copy for review—even when I always make it clear (in most blog posts) that I write reactions and not reviews here at Taking a Break. The important thing is, they sent a copy—and I didn’t have to sneak in a trip to the bookstore amidst the deadlines I have to attend to.

Of course, it still took me more than a week to actually get to the book because I was trying to finish reading Ilustrado. Two weeks later, I’m still stuck on the third chapter, so I decided to put that one on hold and start reading The Best of This is a Crazy Planets. Four hours later, here I am.

I wrote earlier that I wasn’t familiar with the blog. That was a lie. I did know about it—I just didn’t know what it was called. I found that out when I started reading the compilation. I was familiar with some of the pieces because I’ve already stumbled upon it whilst surfing the net, or a friend has sent me a link to a piece. It’s one or the other. But the thing is, This is a Crazy Planets has already permeated my consciousness without knowing, and this book is more like an introduction after the fact.

Now, since I’m not the kind of blogger who spends his whole day in front of a computer scrolling through blogs and stuff, most of the things in The Best of are new to me. Even if they’re over a year old. And much as I’d like to say the author’s way of writing has made his pieces timeless, I think it’s more because the issues he was addressing then are still issues today. Sadly.

So, okay, on to the compilation now:

First, and I’ve never actually said this to the previous books I’ve written about, I want to commend Summit Books for this very beautiful book. From the cover design, the illustrations, the printing—heck, the f*cking quality of the paper! It’s a very, very beautiful book.

Next, as I am not an avid follower of the blog, I especially like how the editors (or did the author choose?) the pieces to be included in the compilation. There was a sort of organic unity to the pieces that one blog post segues well to the next regardless of the date they were posted.

And I especially love how the book sort of ends with “Fix Me,” one of the three essays that weren’t posted on the blog. It talks about how Filipinos today are wrapped up in the idea of being always on the go—and there I was, taking a four-hour break from life, enjoying a very reader-friendly (also, well-written) book.

The Best of This is a Crazy Planets is available, supposedly, in newsstands, bookstores and supermarkets. And with a book this beautiful, you’d think it would’ve been more expensive—but its retail price is P195, cheaper than most magazines in the market! So do grab a copy! Heck, grab more than a copy and give it away as gifts to friends!

5 thoughts on “Book: The Best of This is a Crazy Planets

  1. I just finished reading this one recently, too. You’re right — the book is beautiful. I love the color, the paper, the pictures. 😀 It’s such a treat to read. And, I found myself giggling out loud while reading this one. I haven’t really read much of Lourd’s blog on Spot, so I was unfamiliar with most of what he wrote but they’re all funny and sarcastic and real. 🙂

    His FAQ at the end was hilarious too. 😀

    • haha, I didn’t do the giggling part–but I kept turning page after page even when I knew I was supposed to put it down and start on one of my deadlines.

      And I have to agree, the FAQ at the end was indeed hilarious!

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