Book: How to Repair Food

"How to Repair Food" by Tanya Zeryck, John Bear, and Marina BearThe best-laid plans often go awry…especially in the kitchen. When you’re faced with one of those inevitable cooking calamities–be it a sinking soufflé, salty soup, or stuck-together pasta–How to Repair Food has the answers and advice you need to get your meal back on track. First published in 1970 and now with more than 100,000 copies in print, this kitchen classic has been completely revised and updated to serve a new generation of home cooks.

Filled with witty, accessible and often ingenious solutions to mishaps that befall even the best of cooks, the alphabetical listings (from Abalone to Zucchini) are designed to rescue any dish from the brink of disaster.

Okay, so this isn’t so much a reaction to a book I read blog post, as it is a “look how cool this book is!”

One of my favorite things to do, when I just want to take a break from the stresses of life, other than reading (of course) is to cook. Watching something on a screen gives me a headache if I do it for too long. But there’s something about chopping vegetables, mixing batter, and stirring pots that relaxes me.

The thing is, I’m not the best cook out there, so when I saw How to Repair Food on the bookshelf, I picked it up to just browse through the pages. My interest was piqued, but I wasn’t thinking of buying it. And then I read a few pages. And then I read a few more. I didn’t realize I was going to buy the book until I found myself in front of the cashier still engrossed at the snarky commentaries the book has on the usual cooking disasters.

I don’t think I’ll ever read the book from cover to cover, but it’s a great thing to have for wannabe cooks like me. And if you have a friend who’s into cooking, but is terrible at it, maybe this book will be the perfect gift? Granted, you have to make sure your friendship is strong–and that he/she isn’t very touchy about the subject.

How to Repair Food sells at PhP599. I don’t know if other bookstores, other than Fully Booked, carries the title.


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