Television: Tween Hearts

"Tween Hearts"Tween Hearts is a weekly drama series that stars some of GMA-7’s hottest teen stars. The first successful teen-oriented program on Philippine television since Click and Berks ended back in 2004, Tween Hearts tackles universal teen issues, as well as more specific ones targeted for today’s generation of teens.

I made it no secret to friends and some acquaintances that I am now part of Tween Hearts‘ updated creative pool. Like the cast of the show, we’re also mixing it up behind the scenes to keep the show fresh. Or so we’re told. I’m just happy that I’m part of the show, and that I’ve started writing.

Wait, what? This isn’t a “review” of a television show? Of course not. This is a unabashed promotional blog post asking you to watch the show. The first episode I wrote will, I think, start airing next Sunday (June 26) and continue on the Sunday that follows, which is on July 3.

I’ve been writing stories since elementary days, and playing make believe way before that. This time, my make believe is going to come alive on television. Can you blame a guy for being excited? So, please, do watch Tween Hearts—especially on the dates when my episode will air.

A bit of a backgrounder, since Tween Hearts has an ensemble cast of characters, which means there’s quite a bit to know for new viewers. There’s Josh (Joshua Dionisio) and Bambi (Barbie Forteza) who likes each other but seems to find themselves always competing for attention against someone else; Belinda (Bea Binene) who’s starting to feel that she’s being replaced by newcomer Angel (Kim Komatsu); Aya (Joyce Ching) who is dealing with her parents’ decision to separate, while ex-boyfriend Kris (Kristoffer Martin) rediscovers his feelings for her; and then there’s Rick (Derrick Monasterio) and Heidi (Kylie Padilla) who finally admitted their feelings for each other—only to have their parents go at each other’s throats.

What else should you know if you’re going to watch my episode? Well, there’s this guy called Nathan (Teejay Marquez) who isn’t part of the group of friends yet, but was previously asked by Heidi to pretend he was her boyfriend; there’s Eunice (Yassi Pressman) who is taking the high road and letting Kris fall back in love with Aya, even though she likes him; Ian (Hiro Magalona) who was almost Aya’s boyfriend before having to leave for a summer seminar, and Lucy (Rhen Escaño) who doesn’t want her sister Angel to hang out with the Tween Hearts group.

Did I say ensemble cast of characters? We have a whole class.

But it’s fun—for both the viewers and the writers. With a cast this huge, and with a revolving set of characters, we can get into more stories without having it seem as if one character seems to have everything happen to him or her.

The episode I wrote deals with closure, so many of the story threads I mentioned get wrapped up. I’m a little bit nervous with the part of my episode that will be shown on July 3 as it has a really dramatic scene between Heidi and Rick that I, personally, think is brilliant. But I’m biased. After all, I did write the lines.

So, will you please watch Tween Hearts? If not regularly, then at least on the Sundays my episode will fall on? Afterwards, do share what you think about the show. Thank you!


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