Giveaway: Taking a Break Anniversary

"Taking a Break Blog"Hello blog readers and visitors!

June 2010 marked the beginning of Taking a Break the blog. I actually only had one post during the blog’s first month on cyberspace, but I’ve since written more than a hundred posts.

Activity on the blog has pretty much been based on how frequently I posted. Which is okay by me. I mean, I’m not courting readers. If people are interested in reading what I wrote, and they comment, that makes me happy. If people don’t–well, I’m not doing this for other people.

Taking a Break is the blog that forces me to take a break. And sometimes, we need things like these to help us breakaway from the monotony of our lives.

And to celebrate my first year of “taking a break,” I want to say thank you to my regular visitors, and those who pass by occassionally–by holding a raffle!

I have two prizes that I will be giving away on June 29: a gift card worth 500 pesos from Fully Booked, and another one from National Bookstore. All you have to do to be part of the raffle is to post a comment on this blog entry telling me what you think of my blog, what my strengths are, or what I need to work on. Or all three, if you’ve got a lot to say. (If the randomizer picks a non-Manila resident, we’ll talk about how I’m going to send the prize to you.)

So what do you say?

By the way, the giveaway for the autographed copy of Pacific Rims is still ongoing, if you want to join that one instead. Or too.


10 thoughts on “Giveaway: Taking a Break Anniversary

  1. Okay, here you go.

    I think your blog is a breath of fresh air–after all you don’t follow the norm of posting regularly and at given schedules. Then again, this makes up for old pieces being reread again and again by regular visitors. Your strength is your obvious love for books. I salute people who actually manage to keep day jobs (which I assume you have) and still have some time left over to write on the side.

  2. You know that the main reason I like your blog is because you’re always game for a Filipino Book Blogger meet up, right? 😛 Just kidding. I like that you feature books from various genres, I think you’re the first guy that I actually know who reads and reviews romance novels. Plus, you also review books by Filipino authors (which I promised I’d do but hasn’t happened yet).

    Happy Blogiversary and here’s to more years of book blogging! 😀

  3. Keep that Doctor Who episode reviews. It has been my habit already to read that review before watching the episode so I would know what to expect or know beforehand if Rory will again. I’m cheating, right? 😀 It would also be cool if aside from the movie, television, book reviews, you’d also post “thoughts on..” discussion-type articles. I think that would give your readers a clearer idea of who you are, thus giving them some sort of basis on deciding if they can trust your recommendations or not(I have subjective reviews in mind and not saying that they cannot trust your opinion). That’s a suggestion I’d give to myself, but alas, I’m too lazy to write those kind of post.

    Happy Blogiversary!! (Is blogiversary the proper term and not blogOversary? I’m confused. Just copying Chachic’s greeting.)

    • But it’s the last episode this weekend! Haha! Though, thank you for trusting me enough to read my write-up first before watching. I wouldn’t recommend that for my next Doctor Who post though, since I’m going to be posting spoilers. Without warnings. 😀

      Actually, I’ve been meaning to make my write-ups more subjective. It’s hard for me to remove being objective from my writing, because that’s what I had gotten used to when I was still writing about things I’m not really all that passionate about.

      Oh, and thank you! 🙂

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  5. Happy Blog Anniversary to Taking a Break!

    I love your blog because you’re reviewing a lot of books that are not my genre and it’s good since it will help me discover more books titles and authors to read. Another is, DOCTOR WHO!!! I don’t have to explain why 🙂

    More power!

    • Haha, awesome! Thank you, and I hope you continue to discover books you’ll like through my blog. 🙂 Also, DOCTOR WHO!!! 😀

      Thank you!

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