Event: Pacific Rims Book Signing

"Rafe Bartholomew listens to a question from an attendee"Back in October of 2010, I wrote about Pacific Rims here on my blog. I gushed about it, to be perfectly straight with you. And I felt disappointed (in myself) that I didn’t attend any of the Pacific Rims-related events that Fully Booked and National Bookstore had held during the book’s release. Then again, when said events happened, I didn’t know if I was going to like the book or not. I hadn’t read it yet.

When I found out about National Bookstore’s Book Signing event for the release of Pacific Rims’ paperback copy, I knew I was going. It wasn’t even a question. I knew I was going to make time for it.

So Saturday, May 21, found me at Booksellers in Ortigas, at the book-signing event where author Rafe Bartholomew shared what his next plans are, and how much has changed in his life since the book came out. Spoiler: not much.

Rafe Bartholomew, contrary to his acting stint in Bakekang, is fun to watch live. He conveys his thoughts well—if a bit lengthily. That’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation—by a few people at the event, including me. One attendee, in line to have her book signed, commented that it was great that Rafe was conversing with everyone in line for an autograph—if only he didn’t take 20 minutes to answer each question.

I had my chance to speak with him too. I was planning on telling him how much I enjoyed the book, even though I wasn’t a fan of basketball—and then segue into a couple of questions about his chapter on Philippine show business. But for some reason, my mind went blank. I managed to ask about his acting stint, with a bit of (what I felt was) an accusatory tone. Rafe was nice about it, but I felt like kicking myself. If, by chance, Rafe is reading this: I’m sorry if I sounded snooty. And I really like your book.

The lesson here is: if you’re having problems putting your thoughts to words, not speaking would be the best option.

What’s done is done though, so instead of wallowing, I’ll give a short summary of what was said in the event instead:

First, Rafe Bartholomew is back in the Philippines for a short series of documentaries that will be aired at National Geographic sometime soon. He’ll be in the Philippines until the end of the month, which is sometime next week.

"Rafe Bartholomew poses with a paperback edition of Pacific Rims"Second, he’s been offered a job as a researcher, with the option of writing, for a sports-centric website. I forgot the website, but I do have it on video, which I will put up as soon as I can. Rafe also mentioned that he’ll continue with his own blog; and that he has sent a proposal to publishers for another book. From what wasn’t said, I think it has nothing to do with basketball, or the Philippines.

I’d still pick it up when it gets released though. Whatever it is.

Third, Rafe got to play with some of the PBA legends when he went back to the United States. And most of the feedback he’s gotten for the book has been positive. Though, he said, there were a lot of questions from people of why he chose to dog Alaska instead of Ginebra.

Honestly, I found it weird when people started asking Rafe about stuff that gets covered in the book. Like the “Why Alaska?” question. That is, until I found out that around half of the attendees haven’t read the book. Oops on my part.

Before I end this post though, I have something for my readers: a free (and autographed) copy of Pacific Rims!

Since I liked the book so much, I thought I’d buy a paperback copy to giveaway. To win the book, all you have to do is comment on this post saying you want the book. Oh, and promise than when you do win it, you’ll give me your mailing details so I can actually send the book to you. That’s pretty much all I’m asking.

So do you want the book?

I will pick a winning comment using a randomizer (or whatever you call it) on the morning of June 12.


14 thoughts on “Event: Pacific Rims Book Signing

  1. Pacific Rims came highly recommended by a friend of my brother last year (and I think I also asked you about it during the first FBB meet up). I come from a family of basketball fans, so I’ve come to enjoy the game as well.

    Still haven’t read this book, but I’m so jealous you were able to go to the signing. I think I found out about the event on the day itself, so I wasn’t able to go anymore.:(

    • I found out the day before, so I was able to manipulate my schedule. Though, when Saturday came round, it turned out that I didn’t need to manipulate my schedule after all. :/ Pfft.

      So are you interested in joining the contest, Celina? 🙂

      • Hey Jason, sure I’ll join…though I’m not holding my breath because I have the worst luck in giveaways/raffles/contests.:D LOL!

  2. I don’t like basketball, but I’d like to have a copy (signed at that) of this book. Haha.

    I didn’t get to see his stint in Bakekang. What was his role? Was he one of the bad guys?

    • I’m not a basketball fan either, but I enjoyed the book. =)

      Rafe was one of the Americans who impregnated Bakekang near the start of the story, resulting in the birth of twins Kristal (who was Rafe’s daughter) and Charming.

  3. ohhhhhh. i want one! i want one! I’ve been eyeing that book form months! Since, I can’t afford the hardbound it is such a blessing that the paperback is now out! 🙂

  4. Not a big fan of basketball, too! But it’s said to be a nice book (and highly recommended one!), I want to have a copy 🙂 Maybe through this book, I can have my brothers read at least one book in their lives! 🙂

  5. Huzzah! Jase, I WANT I WANT I WANT THE BOOK!

    (not because it’s autographed, though it’s a wonderful bonus, but because I’m a cheapskate and the few posts I’ve read that Rafe wrote, I found hilarious, making me really curious about his book)

    (also, I found out about this through your anniversary raffle ^.~)

    Sadly, I’m not lucky with these things. Anyway… I WANT! 😀

    • Hi Mae!
      I never got around to replying to this, sorry!

      Now that you ask me, I don’t actually have a favorite part of the book. I enjoyed the whole thing equally (and immensely). Though, I did pay particular notice to his chapter on the entertainment industry as I’ve worked with the people he mentioned there. =)

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