Book: Backpack, Southeast Asia and China

"Backpack" by Robert AlejandroFreelance graphic designer / artist / TV reporter Robert A. Alejandro travels to Southeast Asia and parts of China. This is his journal of sketches and photos of some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Here’s how Robert visits these countries BACKPACK style – the most inexpensive and fun way to travel!

I first found out about this book from Artseblis, and I immediately thought it was awesome. And so started my hunt for a copy of the book. Funny thing: I went to far flung branches of Papemelroti and was always told that they’ve run out of copies; until one branch offered to call up other branches to see if they had any copies left. And we found one in the SM North EDSA branch—the one that’s closest to where I live and work.

That was an adventure in itself.

While reading Backpack—or rather, while perusing through the book—I kept thinking about my own travel experiences. I’ve only been to three countries that aren’t the Philippines, and I’ve only actually done to tourist stuff twice. During the last trip I took, to Beijing and Shanghai, I had a small notebook with me where I started detailing things about my trip: interesting things I saw and heard.

Going through Backpack, I thought that maybe I could do the same. Not the sketching, of course, I’m a horrible artist. But I could always supplement it with photos or other knickknacks I’ll find during my travels. I’m going to start a travel journal!

Of course, the problem now is… where do I get the money for travel? I’m not like the book’s author Robert Alejandro. I doubt I can live in hostels and backpacker’s inns. Not that I’m picky with accommodations—just the toilets.

Backpack: Southeast Asia, Parts of China is a fun little book of adventure and trivia. Sure, I could do with more trivia, or more accounts of the author’s travels—but the thing is, I don’t think the book was published with the intent of being a travelogue. It’s a companion, something to take with you when you do go to the countries mentioned in the book. It’s to supplement a person’s travels.

I only bought this book late last year. I haven’t traveled since then. But when I do find myself in Thailand, or Malaysia, or Singapore—I’ll be sure to bring this book along.

Robert Alejandro’s Backpack: Southeast Asia, Parts of China is available in Papemelroti outlets. I’m not sure where else you can find it though.

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