Book: Prowlers, Wild Things

"Prowlers: Wild Things" by Christopher GoldenDuring my high school years, most of the books I read were geared towards the female audience: the Sweet Valley series, The Babysitter’s Club, and random romance novels that my older sister likes to buy. Our school library wasn’t much better in terms of choices. My only source of non-girly books were my mother’s really old collection of Nancy Drew mysteries and the books I buy on my own.

So when I do buy my own books, I tend to choose the ones that will never appear on our school library, or my sister’s bookshelf. This was the time I discovered Prowlers.

Prowlers is a mini-series of sorts, with only four books to round out the whole story. The story centers on Jack Dwyer, the best friend of a murder victim. Except his best friend wasn’t just murdered, he was hunted, mutilated–eaten. And he hasn’t moved on.

Jack has a hard time moving on from his friend’s death, so much so that he finds himself seeing his best friend everywhere. At first he thinks this is just his subconscious telling him that he’s not capable of moving on anytime soon–until he finds out that his best friend, Artie, is the one who can’t move on. His best friend is a ghost, and he has come to warn Jack that he won’t be the last victim.

To complicate matters, Jack finds out that his connection with Artie has put him in a very rare position–as someone who can cross over to the land of the dead. And while he is on the trail to discover the truth about Artie’s death, he finds himself in a different kind of danger when a soul-eater sets its sights upon him.

I loved the series. Or rather, I loved the first three books of the series. It was engaging, exciting–I wanted more. Unfortunately, I never was able to finish the series. The last book, Wild Things, was never released in the Philippines. Released in 2002, I scoured bookstores everywhere (even in Hong Kong and China) and still I didn’t find a single copy of the last Prowlers book. Until Amazon, that is.

I’ve been buying DVDs online for the past couple of years. But I’ve always had a problem with independent online bookstores because they tend to ship only within their area. And the Philippines isn’t just a county or a state away–it’s in a whole different continent! So when my sister’s office mate offered to receive the book while in training at Salt Like City, I jumped at the chance. And finally, eight years after the book was released, I finally had a copy of Wild Things.

I held off in reading the book. To be honest, having waited that long to read the conclusion of the series, I didn’t know if I’ll end up liking it or hating it. But as I started turning each page, I could feel myself being transported back in time–back when I didn’t have to worry about work schedules. For half-a-day, I was back in high school–reading the long-awaited ending to a story I loved then.

And, just to interject, that’s what I love about having your hands on an actual book. You’re not scrolling down screens, or pressing buttons to turn pages. I doubt it would have the same effect. Books have the power to transport you through time. It’s like our own personal time machine!

Except, you know, you don’t really leave the confines of your chair or your bed.

Going to the actual book though, I thought it was a satisfying enough ending. Obviously my tastes in books have changed since high school, but it hasn’t changed drastically. I still felt the thrill of Jack Dwyer’s adventure as he sought to end the Prowler’s plans of domination. I still felt scared that not all the main characters would survive. As I said, the book transported me back to my high school days. I liked it enough.

I totally didn’t mind that I had to wait eight years just to find out how it all ends–and that it never does end.

Now, onto my next adventure!


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