book: flip this zombie

"flip this zombie" by jesse petersenhaving taken longer than usual with my past two readings, i decided to go a bit lighter for my next read–which is why i ended up with FLIP THIS ZOMBIE.

FLIP THIS ZOMBIE is the sequel to last year’s MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, a book that i was on the fence about. oy, i just read what i wrote about the first book. i didn’t like the book. i found the characters incorrigible and the book unoriginal.

but i wanted to give the series a second chance. and i have to say, FLIP THIS ZOMBIE is a huge improvement over the first book.

with the book’s milieu having been established, it was easier to follow the adventures of sarah and david, the main characters of the series. i think that was one of the things i disliked about MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, the decision to start during the outbreak–and not delivering the goods. but in the second book, since the apocalypse is something already established, readers can quickly get that out of the way and start on the actual story.

with FLIP THIS ZOMBIE, the author has chosen to take the focus out of survival and into zombie-hunting, while dealing with couples issues that sarah and david are still having. yes, “still having.” the first book ended with the two characters tolerating each other, and choosing to stick together. the second book begins with them being partners, before quickly going back to having issues with one another.

truth be told, i’m still not feeling the love between the two characters in FLIP THIS ZOMBIE. when i read the interactions between the two characters, it feels as if they’re just going through the motions of being an in-love couple, but the feelings are just not there.

and i think that was a problem i really couldn’t get over.

so yes, while i liked this book better than i did MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES, i still don’t like sarah and david. and with that, the romance of the book, the love angle, was lost on me.

thankfully, there was the conspiracy thing that had me hooked. it was a different take on the zombie apocalypse–you had a villain who actually thrives in the hell left behind by the walking dead. sure, said villain feels like a cookie cutout, but at least it gives the characters someone to fight. there’s more purpose in this book than there was in the first one.

the book also feels more structured than the first one. we get a clear progression from where we begin to where we end; how our main characters go from exterminating zombies to their plan in the last chapter that would, i assume, be the plot of the next book.

unlike the first book though, FLIP THIS ZOMBIE is definitely setting up a follow-up story. throughout the book, a place is keeps getting mentioned by characters: a promised land of sorts, and when the book ends without a payoff for this thread, it’s obvious that it is where the author plans to go for the next book.

but i don’t think i’ll be following that adventure when it comes. i didn’t like MARRIED WITH ZOMBIES but i still gave FLIP THIS ZOMBIE a chance. and while i think the second book is better, i think i’m done with the series now.

still, this is just my opinion. check out other people’s thoughts about the book:
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3 thoughts on “book: flip this zombie

  1. I saw this book in NBS last week, but I haven’t had the urge to get it. I’m curious about this book but I kind of don’t want to spend money on this since I got the first book for free. Hehe. Maybe I’ll pass.

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