e-book: pandora’s succession

"pandora's succession" by russell brooksPANDORA’S SUCCESSION is an action thriller that centers on terrorism and biological warfare.

main character ridley fox is a cia operative who is on a revenge mission against the organization responsible for his fiancée’s death. that is, until he learns about their plan to market a biological weapon, “pandora,” that could wipe out the planet’s population. suddenly, ridley fox finds himself traveling all over the world to destroy “pandora” before it destroys the world.

PANDORA’S SUCCESSION is a good enough read. is it a page-turner? a little bit, yes. did it blow me away? no.

first things first: i am not the target market for this book. while i do read all kinds of books, i tend to shy away from action thrillers. why? because i don’t like the “one man in all the world” story lines. yes, i’m not a fan of james bond either. [though i do like the grittiness of the daniel craig bond movies.]

that said, i didn’t quite like the vendetta story arc that the main character was on. and throughout the book, i find myself asking over and over: why would the cia trust ridley fox to go on a mission against the organization responsible for his wife’s death?

the changes of perspective also got confusing somewhere along the way. while ridley fox is indeed the main character, we get other perspectives thrown into the novel along the way too. the perspective of a red shirt (a character who dies eventually), the perspectives of the antagonists, the perspective of the attractor/femme fatale, and more. while i don’t mind the femme fatale’s perspective so much, as it does add a little dimension to the story, i thought the story would’ve been more intriguing had the author cut out the other characters’ perspectives.

what the novel has working for it though is that the characters are actually fully realized. reading the novel, you know that these characters had lives before you started reading about it–and they’ll have their own lives after you stop reading about them. and that became a bit of a problem too, as there were instances when main character ridley fox makes references to things that happened before the events of the book.

there was one point, while reading the e-book, that i felt as if this would’ve have worked better as a movie script. action really doesn’t translate well to the printed page, but the author definitely gives his best shot in trying to convey the action of the novel.

if you’re interested in reading PANDORA’S SUCCESSION, it’s available at amazon.

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