movie: si agimat at si enteng kabisote

starring ramon "bong" revilla jr. and vic sottoi’ve been watching vic sotto films for as long as i remember. it’s my mom’s fault–she’s a huge vic sotto fan girl. but i don’t always complain. especially when she’s making me watching OKEY KA FAIRY KO.

back when i was a kid, i loved OKEY KA FAIRY KO. it was my first fandom. i knew the history of all the characters; how amy and bale were best friends but would fight at the drop of a hat to get a guy’s attention; how pipoy always does something wrong but boss enteng will forgive him for it anyway; and how engkantadas give birth by laying an egg.

this was my I DREAM OF JEANIE. this was my BEWITCHED.

in recent years, vic sotto had decided to give life to the characters of OKEY KA FAIRY KO once more through a yearly offering of ENTENG KABISOTE movies. but every year i would end up being disappointed.

in its heyday, OKEY KA FAIRY KO gave birth to two wonderful movies.

the first one had the main character, enteng kabisote, fighting tooth and nail to save the life of his adopted daughter. it was a magnificent movie that took down the all-powerful ina magenta, enteng’s mother-in-law, a peg or two after she reveals how important aiza (the adopted daughter) is to her.

the second one had ina magenta herself on the receiving end of a curse, and aiza had to join enteng in his journey to the world of engkantasya to find the cure that would bring ina magenta back to life. it was OKEY KA FAIRY KO coming to a full circle.

back then, the two movies were enteng kabisote’s grand adventures. after all, the weekly episodes mostly revolved around his earthly life. it was a sitcom–and i doubt it had a big budget. but it was fun, and it had one very important thing working for it: its heart.

fast forward to 2004, and we start the ENTENG KABISOTE movie franchise.

with the first movie, i was excited. at last, a new OKEY KA FAIRY KO story. but i was horribly disappointed. it was a horrible adventure movie, and to be quite blunt, it destroyed my childhood. i lost hope that the OKEY KA FAIRY KO i loved as a child would be lost forever.

the following year, my mother forced me to watch ENTENG KABISOTE II. maybe it was because i had no expectations. but i actually liked this installment. for me, it had the elements of the original OKEY KA FAIRY KO: it had the adventure element–but it was to preserve something: to save engkantasya. though, i think the reason why i thought it was a return to form was because it had heart again. it wasn’t just a silly adventure movie, it was a movie about family, and about how parents sometimes make mistakes when trying to be the best parents possible.

sadly, the third and fourth movie from the franchise was a return to the silly adventure genre.

and this brings me to SI AGIMAT AT SI ENTENG KABISOTE. for a movie that was hatched as a vehicle to put two tried-and-tested franchises together, it was actually good.

enteng kabisote’s life has been quiet since the last movie of the franchise, where satana finally fell for the last time. well, relatively quiet. he still gets into scuffles–but all of them are purely mortal scuffles. nothing magical has happened since satana’s fall, except for faye’s facial regeneration. yes, i’m using a DOCTOR WHO term for OKEY KA FAIRY KO.

all of this changes though with the arrival of agimat in engkantasya. he is chasing after a monster who is traveling through dimensions. and the monster is now in enteng kabisote’s world. chlorateam, enteng’s wife, requests for him to help agimat get around the mortal world. with agimat in the mortal world, enteng notices his jealous looks at enteng’s family. unlike his fairy wife, enteng is not too sure about agimat’s real agenda, but he still decides to help him defeat the dimension-hopping monster

it turns out though that this was just the beginning of something more sinister brewing in agimat’s world.

a blood sacrifice is needed to complete an age-old prophecy. and chlorateam is taken to agimat’s world to provide the blood needed to awaken an old evil. enteng kabisote is quick to point to agimat as the bad guy–and who can blame him? but will he be able to see past his own judgments to see that agimat is as clueless as he is to the whole thing?

SI AGIMAT AT SI ENTENG KABISOTE is mostly a laugh-out-loud adventure-comedy. but unlike its predecessors, this one has a lot of heart. it goes back to the stories about family that OKEY KA FAIRY KO was loved for, while sticking with its new genre of mostly being an enjoyable comedy of a film.

the only thing i don’t like about the film is the number of celebrities who seemed to have been placed in the movie for the sake of them being in the movie: mainly the tween stars of GMA7.

and the one thing i really liked about the movie is they lessened jose manalo’s shtick. which can get really irritating. i guess that’s what happens when you have two leading men. so whatever vic sotto’s next movie might be, i hope he gets another leading man to star alongside him, so there’s be less of jose manalo in that movie too.

before i completely finish off this post though, i want to leave a request for everyone: do check out at least one metro manila film festival entry this year. support our local film industry. there are a couple of movies that are excellent too, so if you don’t want to support the more mainstream ones, do check out films like METANOIA and ROSARIO.

8 thoughts on “movie: si agimat at si enteng kabisote

  1. Kuya Jason! Natawa ako sa Agimat at Enteng Kabisote. Haha! Di ko pa napapanood pero gusto kong panoorin dahil lang kay Jillian Ward. :)) Maganda nga yung Okey Ka Fairy Ko, kaso di nadala sa Enteng Kabisote movies. 😐

    BTW, maganda yung Ang Taning Ina Mo. Hehe! 🙂

    • haha, I’m not a fan of the Tanging Ina Mo franchise. I don’t know why. There’s just something about it that I don’t like.

      Jillian’s participation in Agimat at Enteng is a bit small. But she does what she does well–which is be cute and lovable. 🙂

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