book: cat’s trail

"cat's trail" by elmer and maria cornelia damasoback in high school, a couple of my friends discovered CULTURE CRASH. it was a monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) comic book that featured four stories from four different writers: ONE DAY ISANG DIWA, PASIG, SOLSTICE BUTTERFLY and CAT’S TRAIL.

of the four titles, my favorite shifted from ONE DAY ISANG DIWA and CAT’S TRAIL whenever a new issue would come out. eventually though, CAT’S TRAIL became my sole favorite until the comic book stopped coming out. issue #15.5.

i experienced many firsts through CULTURE CRASH: my first comic collection, my first conventions–and the first time i really thought i wanted to get into the storytelling business. i had my passion for television even back then, but CULTURE CRASH afforded me that dream that storytelling as a career is something tangible.

i even had my first (and only, actually) comic coloring lesson from the guys of CULTURE CRASH!

around three years after the comic books stopped publishing, one of the four original guys (j.i.o. who created SOLSTICE BUTTERFLY) became my office mate–the husband of my boss, in fact. and around four years later, i rediscover CAT’S TRAIL!

CAT’S TRAIL tells the story of one airee colette. a petty thief by day, and a big-time thief at night, airee has a reputation in the land of tiyera as the best of the best. but no one actually knows where airee comes from–and why she looks so different from the people of tiyera. not even airee herself. well, no one except polaris, airee’s constant companion.

in the CULTURE CRASH comics, airee’s life takes a turn for the interesting when she meets the unassuming butler. butler is the type people bully–even by the bullied. so airee is surprised at the boy’s lightning fast reflexes, and his knowledge of the lands of memeria (the world where tiyera is).

but that’s all history now. with CULTURE CRASH gone, CAT’S TRAIL has a fresh new start with CAT’S TRAIL REWIND and CAT’S TRAIL SPOTLIGHT.

CAT’S TRAIL REWIND retells the stories that were once published in CULTURE CRASH, but the stories have been (or will be) reworked to fit into the grander scheme of things. eventually, it will move on to where the story first stopped. as for CAT’S TRAIL SPOTLIGHT, it’s a novelization written by the creator’s spouse that expands on the characters’ back stories.

for fans of filipino-made stories, do check out CAT’S TRAIL REWIND and CAT’S TRAIL SPOTLIGHT.

and to celebrate the rebirth of my once favorite comic series, i will be holding a giveaway competition. just leave a comment in this post that you want to win a copy of CAT’S TRAIL REWIND issues 1 and 2, as well as a copy of CAT’S TRAIL SPOTLIGHT. that’s all you have to do. a winner will then be randomly selected.

to those who are joining, a fair warning: the two comic issues and the novelization are all written in tagalog.

winner will be announced on january 4.

for more information about CAT’S TRAIL, log on to cat’s trail rewind.


8 thoughts on “book: cat’s trail

    • hey there!
      it’s actually a package, so if you win the comic books, you also get the spotlight. sorry if i wasn’t clear on that.

      thanks for joining! 🙂

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