event: darren criss, live in manila

darren crisslast night, while trying to take good photos of darren criss performing, i wished i had a better camera. in the end though, i didn’t go to the show for good photos–i went to enjoy good music.

good music was definitely there to enjoy.

for those of you who aren’t familiar with darren criss, he is the star (composer, lyricist and writer as well) of one of the many internet sensations–A VERY POTTER MUSICAL. if you’re not into the whole harry potter thing, he also starred in the short-lived EASTWICK, and is currently a recurring guest star on GLEE.

the show, held at ayala’s greenbelt 3 park, was dubbed “a gleeful christmas with darren criss,” but i was happy that he mostly sang songs that he wanted to sing. there was no set list. darren just sang whatever song popped into his head.

of course there were songs from the very potter musicals, and he also sang a couple of disney songs, a christmas song, and his biggest hit from GLEE, “teenage dream.”

darren was feeling a bit under the weather during the event. despite this (and jet lag), darren was still very professional. he exceed the hour he was given to perform, and stuck around for all the meet-and-greet pass holders, as well as those who have stubs for an autograph signing session.

i got him to sign my copy of his ep with “darren doesn’t know.” he’s seen the meme, and he seems to find it funny.

darren crissthis is only my second ayala mall event, so i don’t know if this is always the case. but i really have a bone to pick with their ticket distribution, and how they disseminate information.

my friend and i lined up early in the morning to get one of the 200 tickets they’re releasing. while in the line, an ayala employee tells everyone to move the line to the other side.

it turns out that the employee had told the ones in front (of the line) that only the a-list card members are supposed to move to the other side of the concierge (aka ticket distribution booth), but since the employee only bothered to say this to the ones in front of the line, there was a mad scramble as people raced to get into the front of the newly formed line.

so it took a bit of a sorting out for people to actually go line up to where they’re supposed to line up.

and then, during the time the security personnel were letting people into the venue, there was another scramble as people tried to elbow their way into the venue. and these were the people with stubs! a security personnel had told us to go line-up near where the make-shift entrance was, but when one of my companions asked the guards that were stationed there, they hadn’t been told that there was supposed to be a line.

all of these didn’t come as a surprise to me yesterday though. after all, my only other ayala event experience (back in 2008) was way worse than yesterday. i did my best to stay unaffected this time around, so i could enjoy the show more.

the only reason why i’m sharing this now is because i sincerely hope the organizers of ayala events make a serious effort to be more, well, organized.

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