book: naermyth

"naermyth" by karen franciscoi found NAERMYTH while i was searching for the filipino horror books that had been recommended a month ago. i don’t actually remember how exactly i came upon it, but i remember being really intrigued with the book’s premise:

what if the mythical creatures we thought weren’t true, were actually true? and what if in the near future, they would’ve taken back the world from us?

this is the world of NAERMYTH; the story is set in an undisclosed time in the near future, where every human is equal–poverty is a thing of the past. or, to be more exact, is a thing of five years ago, before hell came out from down below.

we follow the character of athena, also known as aegis, a soldier tasked with defending and saving refugees and victims of the war between humans and naermyths. a shepherd. during one of her missions, she discovers dorian, a mysterious man who seems to have no recollection of the past five years–whose last memory is of the world before the naermyths revealed themselves to be true.

but what athena doesn’t know is that dorian just maybe the most dangerous creature in the land–but at the same time, he could be their only hope in the losing war they’re fighting against the naermyths.

one of the reasons i was intrigued with the book was its dystopian feel: set in the future, world has gone to hell, and a band of unlikely people leading a pack of survivors to victory or salvation. there are many dystopian novels out there; but this one was set in the philippines–and written by a filipino. so obviously, i was intrigued.

the other reason is because it dealt with the aswang–and not just the usual kind. i’m happy to say that the batibat, the pasatsat, even the bakunawa, among others, were represented here. and, except for the case of the bakunawa, i liked how the author tweaked the creature’s traits to fit the new world she created.

the story itself is solid enough. it has the elements of action, adventure and romance all set in a future world where one of these things is a rarity. it’s also a well-plotted book, as things that were mentioned in passing at the first part of the book, plays a more important role as the book nears it closing chapters.

my only bone of contention with the book was that you can see the twists happening before it actually happens. and the thing with twists is that they’re supposed to catch you by surprise. then again, i am happy that these so-called “twists” have actual basis, and none of them come out of the blue. so this is a tricky thing.

i guess the important thing in the end is that i liked the book enough, and don’t regret purchasing it and reading it.

and also, it’s a good thing i didn’t see the book trailer before i purchased and read the book. otherwise, the only thing running in my head while holding the book is: since when did we have cubones in philippine folklore? also, the book trailer contains a pretty big spoiler.

check out the book’s own website.

and tina of One More Page posted a review of the book at her site.

17 thoughts on “book: naermyth

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  3. You’re right — it got a bit predictable in the middle of the story. I love the kapre chase scene and the entire community in Makiling, though. Macky – LOL. Awesome.

    Yay another review for this book! 🙂 I think I’ve bought three extra copies of this book and given them to a few people so more people will read this. It’s not a favorite, but I really think this book deserves more exposure.

    • I loved the Kapre chase scenes too! Though I like the Sinukuan community better than I did the Makiling one. I have a thing for the snobbish characters. Haha.

      I did feel a little disappointed that the Capiz part of the journey was very short. And very reminiscent of the Mockingjay ending. Which I forgot to include in my post. :/ Oh well, here it is. Haha.

      And I agree. We need to have this book more exposed–that way publishers would release more books like this. 🙂

      • And very reminiscent of the Mockingjay ending.

        Oh yeah! A little of a cop-out. :/ Valarao (that was his name, right? I can’t remember anymore) seemed too nice to be a villain.

        I can’t remember: why can’t Aegis touch Dorian again? Was it explained in the book?

      • No, the author never explained why Aegis can’t touch Dorian’s skin without passing out. :/ Though it was used as a convenient way of controlling her in the future.

        and I agree with your assessment regarding Valarao. I think the author intended for Valarao to be a somewhat charismatic leader ala Hitler, but didn’t get to fully flesh the evils of the character out. So instead we just get a really nice leader who is supposedly evil.

        I just realized, we might turn people off from reading the book the way our conversation is going. Haha.

      • Hm. You’re right. Haha oops.

        OKAY NO MORE. People passing by this review: it’s a good book! Don’t mind us nitpicking! Read iiiiit. 😀

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