advert: next to normal

"next to normal" from atlantis productionsNEXT TO NORMAL tells the story of a family and their struggles with bipolar disorder, and its treatment.

it has four main characters: diana, the mother who is suffering from bipolar disorder and sixteen years of hallucinations; dan, the father who must remain stalwart throughout the challenges they are facing; natalie, the daughter who feels she will never grow out of her brother’s shadown; and gabriel, the son who wants to be remembered.

recently, a mentor had told me that viewers relate more to stories that they can understand. so the question here is: how can viewers relate to a family dealing with a psychological disorder many people are not familiar with–especially here in the philippines?

the answer is this: NEXT TO NORMAL is about family; it tells the ups and downs of trying to be normal, of doing what’s best for everyone–and still fearing that what you are doing is not enough. it tells the story of a family who are dealt with a problem none of them are prepared to cope with, and yet they still try to do so. it’s human struggle at its best.

and it’s coming to the rcbc plaza on march 2011.

the manila production will feature menchu lauchengo-yulo, jett pangan, felix rivera and bea garcia in the lead roles, with markki stroem playing one of the supporting characters.

and here’s why i’m advertising NEXT TO NORMAL here in my blog;

my friend is selling tickets to the march 19 matinee showing. that’s march 19, 2011 at 2 in the afternoon, at the rcbc plaza. ticket prices are: p1500 (orchestra center), p1300 (orchestra side), p1100 (loge center), p900 (loge back / loge side), and p700 (balcony).

to purchase tickets, contact onay sales at 0918.536.2116, or e-mail her at watchplays(at)yahoo(dot)com. you can check out which seats are still available at their site, watch plays.


4 thoughts on “advert: next to normal

  1. hi, ill be watching this play this coming saturday march 19…. got a ticket already.
    need to fly pa to manila just to watch it.
    hehehe…..thanks to my friend for the ticket.

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